Java Can – How to Make a Perfect Hazelnut Latte in the Field

The Java can is the very first field espresso kit housed in a military ammunition camp? Hey welcome back to Mountain View Ranch If you’ve been following my channel for any length of time you know that I’m a huge coffee hound well I totally forgot that Beth and I Continue Reading

Mr. Fun’s RELAXING Day in Extreme HOT COFFEE Bath | Funny Pencil Animation

Welcome to Mr. Fun’s Series Enjoy watching this new episode

Harvesting methods | De’Longhi | The excellence of Italian roasters

Harvesting methods Do you prefer ripe fruit, or does the slight astringency of early fruit appeal to you more? I’m here with you today to describe the two main methods of harvesting coffee cherries: the picking method requires the selection of perfectly ripe and whole stone fruits. Slow Food plantations Continue Reading

How to clean your Saeco brew unit

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to the shop! The Saeco brew unit it’s been around forever tried and tested in true technology, the Saeco owners are used to take this out once a week and rinse it off. But how can I clean it deeper? you say. Let me show Continue Reading

How to Clean the Coffee Grounds Container of Your De’Longhi Autentica ETAM 29.620 Coffee Machine

“Cleaning the coffee grounds container” When “EMPTY GROUNDS CONTAINER” is displayed, the grounds container must be emptied and cleaned. The appliance cannot be used to make coffee until you have cleaned the grounds container. Even if not full, the empty grounds container message is displayed 72 hours after the first Continue Reading

How to prepare your Coffee with Prodigio

This tutorial will show you how you make your coffee First make sure your water tank is filled with fresh drinking water. Turn your machine ON by either pressing any coffee button or by opening the slider. Lights will blink for 25 seconds while heating up. Steady lights mean your Continue Reading

Making espresso for the first time – La Specialista EC 9335.M

Let’s place some fresh coffee beans into the hopper. I’m using a nice medium roast. Remember, never remove the container while there are beans inside. Here, I’m going to set the dial for two espresso’s. You can do the same for a single dose too. The filters have a line Continue Reading