How Coffee Is Made – Coffee Growing 101 – In Colombia!

Count me as a coffee drinker. But it’s interesting that given what a ubiquitous thing coffee is: do you even know what a coffee plant looks like? That’s me at a coffee farm in Colombia. I was there thanks to NesCafe. And they took me to the heart of Colombia, Continue Reading

Roasting | De’Longhi | The excellence of Italian roasters

Roasting I’m here once again with you and De’Longhi to discuss the espresso coffee. Today we’ll look at the final destination of sacks of coffee: roasting. Coffee beans are carefully roasted, then packaged as beans that are ready for use. Italy ranks second in the world in terms of the Continue Reading

Where to buy coffee beans | De’Longhi | The excellence of Italian roasters

Where to buy coffee beans I’m here to advise you on how to buy coffee beans for De’Longhi fully automatic coffee machines. You can easily find coffee beans in every supermarket, but you can buy excellent single-origin Harenna, Huehuetenango and Camapara coffees from artisanal roasters who acquire the Slow Food Continue Reading

Degree of roasting | De’Longhi | The excellence of Italian roasters

Degree of roasting Hello to all espresso enthusiasts. Here I am again to talk about the colours of roasted coffee. Beans that have a beautiful brown colour? Perfect for an Americano or long coffee. Deeper brown? This indicates the best degree of roasting for an espresso with highlands Arabica, such Continue Reading

The bean and the plant | De’Longhi | The excellence of Italian roasters

The bean and the plant Hello, my name is Gabriella Baiguera. Today I’ll talk to you about coffee beans, the seed of a wonderful Ethiopian plant that flowers two/three times a year, meaning that fruit and blossoms appear on a branch at the same time. The beans are contained in Continue Reading

Coffee growing in Europe? | Perfect coffee from Gran Canaria | Europe’s biggest coffee growing area

“You might be asking what I’m doing here? I’m preparing coffee from coffee plant to coffee cup. I’m in the only coffee growing area in Europe. Here everything happens in one place. The coffee is grown, the berries are harvested, dried, peeled, roasted and the coffee is drunk!” I’ve always Continue Reading