Revival of high quality coffee production in South Sudan – voices from the ground

Coffee production can lift the family, lift the nation and can bring good things to us. We will not be as poor as before. This is a country where there is no coffee market. So we really went there to recreate the coffee market, to transform it and export it Continue Reading

The Medano Coffee Journey – From Farm to Cup

Ever wondered how coffee is transformed from coffee cherries, to the coffee beans you see and use every day? Join us on a journey to find out how our coffee is produced We travelled all the way to North Sumatra, Indonesia and found ourselves at a farm overlooking Lake Toba Continue Reading

Строение кофейной ягоды

Today let’s spend some time talking about the structure of the coffee bean Here they are in the palm of my hand. Ripe cherries. What are they made up of? I’ll try to simplify things and just say there are four main layers underneath which the coffee bean sits in Continue Reading

Estate Grown Coffee in the Highlands of Tanzania | Mondul Coffee Estates

What is unique about Mondul Coffee is the environment. The proximity to the Mondul mountain, and the cultural of people around it, the soils. This farm looks great! Mondul Coffee Estates is located on the slopes of Monduli. Right now we’re about 23 kilometers away from the city of Arusha. Continue Reading