Amaze Coffee Table

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Industrial Coffee Table with Metal Pipes

This clever coffee table achieves the perfect balance between natural and industrial. This project was an instant hit with our Creative Ideas team and I can’t wait to show you how to make it. Start by prepping your pipes with some TSP. I’ve already cleaned these up and I’m going Continue Reading

Epoxy Resin Waterfall River Table – Just Kidding It’s Crayons :)

you know how sometimes you have an idea that you know is bad but you do it anyway so I initially had this idea a few months ago I was working on something in my garage and I saw a few broken crayons sitting in the house and I thought Continue Reading

How It’s Made: Dunn Coffee Table

I saved this for last as it’s kind of an exciting thing, it’s something that we all keyed into and really liked the idea of and that’s this this softer, asymmetrical form>>JOHN: What I like about that shape also, it adapts to unusual shaped rooms>>NANCY: It’s real life. It works Continue Reading

How to Make a Coffee Table

This weeks semi daunting tool tip challenge for David is to create a coffee table out of this stuff here. I’d say that is fully daunting. Oh well semi daunting you should be able to do it. I’ll stand by and help you, you just need this stuff here, the Continue Reading

10 DIY Coffee Table on a Budget

The coffee table is one of the must-have items in any living room. It not only helps you set down some snacks, beverages, magazines, and remote TV, but also enhances the look of your living room. Some of them even add a personality boost to the space. However, finding the Continue Reading

Building a Rustic Industrial Coffee Table for Less Than $50 – An Easy How-to DIY Tutorial

Hey guys, and welcome back to the brothers workshop. Today we’re going to show you how we used reclaimed wood to build this modern rustic coffee table. So, for this project we decided to go with reclaimed wood. We took the wood from a house in an up-and-coming section of Continue Reading

Living Rooms, Sofa and Coffee Table Placement Ideas

There are many important things to consider when it comes to design and decorate an empty living room such as personal taste and aesthetic, budget, lifestyle, shape of the living room, etc., but perhaps, the most important thing to consider is the furniture placement. So, in this short video, I’ll Continue Reading

How to Shop for Coffee Tables

Coffee tables typically sit in front of a sofa or in the middle of a sitting area and hold books, drinks, or TV remotes. They are typically around 20″ tall, making them low enough to leave an open line of sight during conversation, but high enough to easily place items Continue Reading