Epoxy Coffee Table (OUR FIRST TRY AND IT LOOKS AMAZING!) [subtitles included]

I got your back and this time I made this really cool epoxy coffee table [Music] what the hell of a job to make but the end result look really nice chick video how I made it this is the first time that we work with epoxy started by searching Continue Reading

DIY Coffee Table

How’s it going? Do you remember the DIY video I made about the ring light? I had showed you a small table. I told you guys I would show you how I made it! In this video, I’ll show you how I made it and I’ll tell you what you Continue Reading

Concrete Coffee Table With LEGO Inlay

River tables are pretty cool right glass epoxy whatever but at a certain point I got to admit I’m kind of sick of seeing them so what if we did something new like but one using Lego all right so the first order of business was making my River pattern Continue Reading

Resin Geode Table (like a River Table but…not!)

it’s go time things are happening oh I didn’t even think about that hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we made this resin geode table so before we do any of the fun geode resin stuff we have to process this cookie first step and you need to Continue Reading

DIY – pallet & coffee table again

what you need: four metal legs, jig saw, sander, screw driver, stain and rag, safety tools… and two pallets first step: need the half of the pallet SAW 4 narrow slats for the top TIP: before saw work measure correctly the place of the narrow slats USE the slats of Continue Reading

Creative Furniture Alternative Ideas – Unique Coffee Tables

Creative and ingenious ideas for a unique coffee table. Beautiful and inspiring alternative ideas that will amaze you. Here, it is a stylish coffee table and side table set. You can find here many types and alternatives that can give you an idea for your own home. Thank you so Continue Reading

OFS Upcycle: Upholstered Spool Ottoman

Hey guys, it’s Clara from Online Fabric Store. Today, I’m gonna take this old spool and turn it into an ottoman. It’ll have a cover you can take off so you can also use it as a coffee table, so let’s get started. The materials you’ll need are: decor fabric, Continue Reading

Thrifter’s Haul (Coffee Table)

Hi Lovelies! It’s me Cherie with LiveLoveLatte and thanks for joining me for this collaboration video. It’s been raining all day long so I thought I ‘d do the introduction here inside my car. I’m outside of Savers, and I’ve been invited by Denise from Be My Guest with Denise. Continue Reading