Cooking with Caffeine

Cooking with caffeine Is cooking with caffeine the next trend coming our way from Asia? Malaysians love to pimp up regular dishes with the addition of an unlikely ingredient: Coffee. Coffee may be just a beverage for most people. But for Chef Paul Neukirch from Malaysia, it’s an ingredient to Continue Reading

家電開箱 Breville 咖啡機 BES 870 espresso

1st Jan 2017 time now is 2-3am but I would like to have my first box open in 2017 this one coffee machine just open very petty coffee machine the model number is …. let me see I forgot it model… model Number… OK this is Breville BES870 the design Continue Reading


Hello! This is Riku from Riku Doing Stuff and Being Annoying. Today we’re going to taste some coffees. This is porridge. It’s morning. I haven’t had my morning coffee. Yet. This is – your name is? Carl. Yep. And your profession is? Good question. Barista. Coffee. Barista. We are today Continue Reading

caffeinated cALLENdar (MAR. 11 – 15, 2019)

(Singing) I like a cup of coffee. Hey, what’s going on? But first, coffee. Welcome to the spring break edition of the caffeinated cALLENdar. I’m your host Jason Swiencki, and if you’re like me, you’re gonna spend this week at the hottest spring break destination around: The Allen Public Library. Continue Reading

People Try Caffeinated Bagels

– I’m here at Einstein Bagels, picking up the caffeinated bagels that everybody is talking about. (happy music) – I call it double buzz. They can have a coffee, and a bagel with the caffeine in it. – 32 milligrams of caffeine, I read online that it’s about a third Continue Reading

Caffeine Crisis – A Bricks in Motion THAC XV Entry

(crowd talking) So, what’s with, like, the samurai swords? Well, they were on sale, so we bought them for decor! Okay. Well, I’ll take a vanilla chai latte, iced, with two shots of pumpkin spice, organic, fat-free, sugar-free, cruelty-free, milk-free milk, sugar-free-sugar-free-sugar-free sugar, heated to exactly one hundred and forty-two Continue Reading

Grocery haul / Caffeine Pills / Food for the Week

this man this morning the high stakes if you’re watching us your open again on Vance Jackson is all threes so close to dunk my friend asked me to lose some weight around the lot of groceries grocery haul green grocer Whole I respect legally start with how much I Continue Reading