The Fast Food Coffee Chains With The Best And Worst Coffee

If you’re in a rush and seriously craving a cup of coffee, sometimes stopping by a fast food joint is your best bet, and if you pick the right place, it might not taste so bad, either. So where should you go? Here are America’s fast food coffee spots, ranked Continue Reading

Is Coffee Bad for You According to Ayurveda? | Ayurveda Q&A | #AskBanyan

can I drink coffee every day and still follow Ayurveda I really understand this question because I love coffee too and I have some good news and some not-so-good news for all of us coffee fanatics out there of course you can drink coffee every day but it doesn’t mean Continue Reading

Dramatic Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day. I do hope this blessed day finds you surrounded by those you love. I’m not so lucky this year. My dearly beloved has fallen ill. They say… if you can’t be with the one you love… I love you Moccamaster. Love the one you’re with. But I Continue Reading