How to Make a Large Origami Paper Crane / Bird The Green Tea Room

Alright- Jonathan

Cup Of Coffee – A Telugu Short Film

Coffee Please Why is he here…?? Two Days Ago Excuse me can I get 2 Milkshake….!!!! I’m totally irritated. It’ll take me time to return back to home…!!!! Bye…!! Dude please excuse me for a minute. I’m extremely sorry dude…!! Can I sit here..?? Go and ask the owner of Continue Reading

Learn Coffee with Gwilym: #3 Dosing Mistakes

As well as being consistent with the dose we need to be consistent with the amounts of liquid that goes in our cup. Because if we have different amounts of liquid, we have different flavours and different levels of strength. So, there are two ways we can do it, again, Continue Reading

Learn Coffee with Gwilym: Introduction

Hello! My name is Gwilym and I am 2009 World Barista Champion. I am also a head judge with the World Coffee Events which organise the barista competition. Now, at the moment, we are in Jilove u Prahy, just outside Prague and I have a training centre here where I Continue Reading

Learn Coffee with Gwilym: #1 Coffee Distribution

Distributing. It’s very important when coffee falls into the filter basket but it falls evenly and we create and even equal density inside the filter basket of the coffee Before you tamp it should already be flat and level. Before you even think about tamping. So no big hills and Continue Reading

Cafe Solo by Eva Solo Overview

The Cafe Solo is perhaps one of the simplest brewing devices on the market, as well as one of the most elegant. Marrying delicate glass, steel and a fitted neoprene jacket, this is the sort of brewing device you’d want to proudly display in your counter at all times. Hi! Continue Reading

Shanghai Coffee Shop in Tianzifang: Planning Our Next Move (China Vlog) (CC)

Good morning! We are still in Shanghai, obviously, and we’re looking for a little coffee shop where Jesse and I are going to sit down with the Internet and a guide book and figure out where we’re going next because we know where we’re staying tonight, and after that we Continue Reading