Grocery haul / Caffeine Pills / Food for the Week

this man this morning the high stakes if you’re watching us your open again on Vance Jackson is all threes so close to dunk my friend asked me to lose some weight around the lot of groceries grocery haul green grocer Whole I respect legally start with how much I Continue Reading

30 Days of Cold Showers: Not What I Was Expecting

We are what we repeatedly do Aristotle said therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit The story of why I decided to do this is actually kind of funny And yes, we are in my bathroom right now that somehow felt appropriate for this video. I don’t know. Continue Reading

Must-see: Hot tea thrown into the Arctic air, see what it does

Well this is one way to get rid of your leftover tea. Check out this stunning photo taken by photographer Michael H. Davies. He says this was taken in Canada’s high Arctic when temperatures were reaching below 40-degrees Celsius. Prepared with multiple thermoses filled with tea, they began tossing the Continue Reading

Cold bournvita milkshake | KIDS SPECIAL | How to make bournvita milkshake

Take a jar and add Bournvita and ice cubes add Milk add Sugar Mix well Decorate glass with chocolate syrup Our Glasses are ready Serve Bournvita in glasses Add Little Chocolate Syrup on top of it

WOULD YOU LIKE IT HOT OR COLD?! How to say in Japanese how you like it.

It’s cold so I will have a hot one. Got it! A cold one please. Would you like it hot or cold? Hot please, my lady. Hello everyone… wait. – I was too late. Hello everyone this is Cathy Cat – And Misato. Let’s learn today’s Japanese. Today we have… Continue Reading

How to Pronounce CALLED and COLD – American English Pronunciation Lesson

hi everyone Jennifer Tarle from Tarle speech and language with your viewer question today’s question is how do i pronounce the words called and cold this is an easy fix today if we look at the sounds and try to ignore the spelling so the words are called and cold Continue Reading