Reactive Cocoa Developer Conference • Panel Q&A and Discussion

(indistinct conversation) Hello? Yes, fantastic! My mic wasn’t even on. It’s fine. Okay. So is everyone sitting down? Roughly looks about right? Okay, so the way we’re going to do this, if anyone was at the Q&A session last year, the entire thing was this, so it’s pretty much open Continue Reading

The Future Of ReactiveCocoa by Justin Spahr-Summers • GitHub Reactive Cocoa Developer Conference

Hello… Before we actually get really into it, I’m kind of curious, like how many people are completely new to RAC? Okay, a few hands. On the flipside of the spectrum, how many people have experience using RAC in real projects? Oh, that’s actually way more than I expected. Okay. Continue Reading

Modularity à la Taliban by Jon Sterling • GitHub Reactive Cocoa Developer Conference

(laughter) Fantastisch. Stop socializing. Thank you. (laughter) Alright, that looks about right. So there’s only one more hurdle between us talking about swift–(laughter) to give it one more minute. Jon is going to come up and do a talk, 15, 20 minutes or so. It’s about modularity, I guess, presumably Continue Reading

A plan to recycle the unrecyclable | Ashton Cofer

It was just an ordinary Saturday. My dad was outside mowing the lawn, my mom was upstairs folding laundry, my sister was in her room doing homework and I was in the basement playing video games. And as I came upstairs to get something to drink, I looked out the Continue Reading

TWICE (트와이스) “Feel Special” cover by. Tea Party Project

There are one of those days Days when I suddenly feel all alone When I feel like I don’t belong anywhere And my head is hanging down Whenever those days come, you tell me How precious I am At those words you say Everything’s alright From nobody to somebody I become Continue Reading

New Fairtrade coffee cooperative in Indonesia | CH

The Ara Cahayani Gayo cooperative has already been Fairtrade certified and is working together with PT Olam and Nespresso. I do hope that with the collaboration between the cooperative, Olam and Nespresso, we can reach our ultimate goal, which is to provide welfare for all our members. Nespresso receives good Continue Reading

Should You Drink Coffee Before Running? (FIND OUT!)

Yo, what’s up guys, it’s Jonathan on the North We’re heading out right now to pick up running into style and we’re gonna go do a nice coffee running Let’s go So I think the plan is we’re gonna go we’re gonna go pick up running in style aka Olivia Continue Reading

Thrifter’s Haul (Coffee Table)

Hi Lovelies! It’s me Cherie with LiveLoveLatte and thanks for joining me for this collaboration video. It’s been raining all day long so I thought I ‘d do the introduction here inside my car. I’m outside of Savers, and I’ve been invited by Denise from Be My Guest with Denise. Continue Reading

Cup to Cup: Closing the Loop – A Starbucks and Sustana Partnership

Turning an old Starbucks cup into a new Starbucks cup, it’s not a magic trick. There’s a systematic and scientific method behind transforming paper waste into food grade fiber, into new products and reusable possibilities. Every year in the United States, an estimated 60 billion single-use coffee cups, many of Continue Reading

How To Cast Aluminum into Wood // Molten Aluminum Lake Table

hi I’m Cressel Anderson this is Makercise this is an extra-special episode because Johnny Brooke over at crafted workshop has been talking with me about doing a collaboration video for a while involving casting metal which I have a propensity for as well as his natural inclination for fine wood Continue Reading