Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Mobile Phones, Landlines & Love.

The landline. The landline is super fun. I really miss the landline. But, the best thing about the landline is you can look like you’re thinking when you’re using the landline. Like when you’ve to lie, it’s very dramatic. You’re like, “Hey, man. “Kenny can you come for the show Continue Reading

RWBY Chibi, Episode 23 – A Slip Through Time and Space | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi! Neptune: Huh? [sniffing] Neptune: Hm? Wait! Sun: What? Neptune: My crime sense is going off. Sun: HERE?! Neptune: Ooh yeah. Neptune: Ooh it’s happenin’! Sun: Okay, okay, what is it? Sun: Who’s involved, what kind of homicide is it? Sun: Double? Triple? [Sun gasps] Sun (in a deeper Continue Reading

RWBY Chibi FULL EPISODE: Season 3, Episode 9 – Tea Party | Rooster Teeth

What’s up, everyone! If you want some more cool animation, go check out Nomad of Nowhere. It’s on Yeah! Go do it! It’s got clapping. What else has it got? Uh… rocks… with faces. And? Uh, some people got guns. Do they sound like “pew-pew”? ..sure. Weiss, this tea Continue Reading

JOKER – Teaser Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

Arthur, does it help to have someone to talk to? ♪♪ My mother always tells me… …to smile and put on a happy face. She told me I had a purpose. To bring laughter and joy to the world. Hey! Hey! Stop them! Is it just me… …or is it Continue Reading

RWBY Chibi: Season 2, Episode 23 – A Slip Through Time and Space Pt. 2 | Rooster Teeth

Yang: Now, when Weiss took away your cookie, how did it make you feel? Ruby: Hurt, betrayed! Hungry… Yang: Hmmm… yes. Go on. Nora: Guys! I figured it out. Ruby: Nora! I’m in the middle of healing! Nora: Listen. It’s not that I shouldn’t drink coffee, it’s that I haven’t Continue Reading

Super Cafe: And The Reboot Goes To

So… did you see the award show? yeah I guess Hollywood really hates superhero movies. Well I’d say they should stop starring in them, if it bothers them that much. I mean who hates superhero movies? We make millions of people happy over and over again. What’s wrong with that? Continue Reading

RT Life – 1:34 to Register While Jeremy and Gavin Get Coffee

Ey! Lil J you wanna get some coffee? Sure Alright. We’ll go bungalow, cause uh… crappy stage 4 coffee doesn’t… ain’t good, ain’t no good It doesn’t compare, it doesn’t compare See you were smart bringing sunglasses Yeah, you know why cause it is fucking bright Woof And they bring Continue Reading

How The Dark Knight Should Have Ended

so I just lifted the entire island out at the ocean and I was about to throw it into outer— Stop talking!! Ugh! It’s my turn now! Well it is about time! wait, is that your new stage voice? yeah. What about it? Well I mean, are you like gargling Continue Reading

The Manga Cafe Experience ★ ONLY in JAPAN

ahh, SHIBUYA! oh my god, it’s so loud out here This place never sleeps. Alive 24 hours a day Hey, you I like MANGA? I know a great place like some sort of MANGA paradise? Yep, and we’re here! MANBOO is one of Japan’s biggest MANGA cafe chains and it Continue Reading