If Video Game Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (Playstation X-Box Gamer Video Games Parody)

hi I’m Roger and I’d like to offer you a respite from your life do you like video games or failing that are you psychologically addicted to video games because we manufactured them with built-in reward systems designed to activate the pleasure centers in your brains great then you’ll love Continue Reading

Folgers Incest Commercial – Extended Cut

I must have the wrong house.>>Sister. [laughs] Oh, I missed you so much. I waited up all night for you, you know. It’s a long way from West Africa. Oh, coffee. He’s here.>>I brought you something from far away.>>[laughs] Really? Oh.>>[laughs] What are you doing? You’re my present this year. Continue Reading

If Coffee Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Folgers Parody)

Oh beautiful day I’d call it perfect but it’s missing something don’t you think ah there it is this morning just wasn’t complete until your first cup of coffee right yeah there’s nothing quite like a steaming cup full of an addictive drug in the morning I’m Roger and I’d Continue Reading

How to Shoot a Commercial with Robots

Hi, I’m Steve Giralt Welcome to my studio here in Manhattan. I am a Photographer, Director, and Visual Engineer and I’m going to show you around, what I do. We shoot a mix of coffee, booze, make-up, you name it. We kind of do all sorts of what’s called Table Continue Reading