Edinburgh Coffee Festival 2017 – The UK’s first compostable coffee festival

This is the third year that we’ve been running. I think we’ve got a really friendly atmosphere here We’ve got a lot of real interest and all aspects of the coffee industry but also the recycling aspects as well and the waste issue and that’s been a real plus for Continue Reading

BioPak’s #PlasticFree Compostable Coffee Cups

This is a BioCup. BioCups are made from sustainably sourced paper. They have a waterproof bioplastic lining made from rapidly renewable plant-starch, not fossil fuels like regular plastic. We use NatureWorks’ Ingeo bioplastic – as they are the world leader in innovative bioplastic research and development. An environmentally sustainable product Continue Reading

Ireland wastes 22,000 coffee cups per hour

Commonly known as the coffee cup, these disposable take-away cups are available in restaurants, shops and cafes throughout Ireland. This container behind me represents the volume of single-use coffee cups, disposed of every hour in Ireland. Coffee cups are currently not on Ireland’s Recycling List, which means a lot of Continue Reading