Toy Coffee Maker, Toaster & Sand Mixer, Kids Gourmet Kitchen Appliances

Hello fiends. this is toys and you I’m so excited today I’m able to show Gourmet Kitchen Appliances I picked it up at the Costco I’m role to show you this It’s fun size And I love that color baby pink I’m really excited Try like this! Let’s open this Continue Reading

The One Way You Should Actually Be Drinking Coffee

– (“Gardens of Neptune”) – Alright. – Woah. – (laughing) That is so good. – What is this? – It’s a damn fine shake. – Like cookie butter, but in a milkshake? – This is so, so (bleep) good. – It’s ice cream. What do you want? – If I Continue Reading

Coffee can heat your home, and even cook your dinner – find out why!

an enterprising Melbourne company has found an ingenious use for one of the city’s biggest waste products, coffee grinds. The tiny startup company has managed to turn the leftovers from your morning cuppa into fuel that can heat your home or even cook your dinner. Is there anything more wondrous Continue Reading

ఘుమఘుమలాడే ఫిల్టర్ కాఫీ తయారీ || Filter Coffee || Degree Coffee || Homemade || చిర్రావూరి

Chirravuri Vantasala

Can This Chef Make SPAM Fancy? • Tasty

hi I’m RIA I’m a tasty producer yet again I’ve been challenged to take a common food and make it fancy here are the rules you must completely use the food given you can only add to the food you can buy whatever ingredients you wish the previous times both Continue Reading

Beet Dip – You Suck at Cooking (episode 39)

[ Intro ] Beets are the rocks of the vegetable world, And just like rocks, they grow underground, and also just like rocks, if you apply enough heat, they become soft and edible. Now, you wanna wash the beets with around… 25% tenderness, 35% love, and 40% care, And 0% Continue Reading

Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Clothing Iron? • Tasty

if this works this is the coolest thing please work hi I’m Alexis and I’m the senior food specialist here at tasty last time my co-workers challenged me to make a three-course meal using only a coffee maker I’m expecting the worst but let’s see what they haven’t stirred this Continue Reading