Vijayan and Mohana- A tea shop owner couple and their fascinating story

My name is Vijayan. We have visited 16 countries We traveled with the money I earned, taking bank loans, mortgaging our house, selling the gold we had. My wish is to travel across the globe We went to UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, Egypt, Israel, Holland. We also went Continue Reading


I… … entered The Vienna Coffehouse is a place… …where time… …stops. The magnficent residence for the ethos and the psyche. It is a spatially isolated temple build on one rule: the utter muse. And you yourself? Sacrifice and executor at the same time. SHOCKWAVE The water produced a thousand Continue Reading

Must-see: Hot tea thrown into the Arctic air, see what it does

Well this is one way to get rid of your leftover tea. Check out this stunning photo taken by photographer Michael H. Davies. He says this was taken in Canada’s high Arctic when temperatures were reaching below 40-degrees Celsius. Prepared with multiple thermoses filled with tea, they began tossing the Continue Reading

Caffeine Stimulates Memory

If you need to cram some really important information into your brain and remember it for at least 24 hours, that strong cup of coffee sitting next to you should do the trick. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine had people study a bunch of different pictures. Then they Continue Reading

Trying Caffeine Water…Bad Idea?


An intriguing cafe opened for a limited time in the chic area of Tokyo, Roppongi. There is so much to say about this place! First, the view over Tokyo is amazing, we are at 52nd floor’s observatory. It’s an entirely self-service cafe Let’s buy some beans from this machine The Continue Reading

The Cool Bean | Animated Trailer

[SOUND] Here come the cool beans. They swagger to the left. They strut to the right. They’re so cool. They play guitar. [MUSIC] They draw the best superheroes. And one of them can jump higher than any bean I’ve ever known [MUSIC] That’s really cool.>>There are two types of beans Continue Reading

Dude Shaves Eyebrows | Overtime 7 | Dude Perfect

[DRUMSET SOUND EFFECTS] Welcome to Overtime 7! Wait, hold on. We’re actually going right now? Yes, we’re actually going right now, Codes. You’re going to wear that sweatshirt? This is my favorite sweatshirt right now. I didn’t know you were going to wear it. Hey folks, we’re going to head Continue Reading

How To Instantly Chill Any Drink!

What’s up guys, Lew here back with another video. And today- This might be The most exciting thing I’ve brought you in a while This right here is a little appliance that is gonna chill any beverage, carbonated or otherwise in one minute. Chill a beverage in one minute I Continue Reading

How To Make Cold Coffee | Recipe Of Cold Coffee | Mazagran Sweetened Coffee

Hello friends I am Nalini Malkani Welcome to my cooking show Nalini Ki Rasoi Today I am going to prepare Cold Coffee Please don’t forget to press the Subscribe and Bell Icon button So that you get instant notifications of all my upcoming and new recipes Let’s see the ingredients Continue Reading