How to stop coronavirus reproduction in your body

3 Natural Molecules for anti coronavirus inhibitors called flavonoids which has antiviral activity namely herbacetin, rhoifolin and pectolinarin these block the enzymatic activity of SARS-CoVs 3CLpro. Herbacetin flavonoid found abundant in flaxseed. Rhiofolin comes from citrus peels like bitter oranges (organic orange peel granules or powder, orange zest). Pectolinarin is Continue Reading

Phương pháp chống lại Virus corona Vũ Hán (Wuhan – 武汉) Methods against Wuhan corona virus

HOW TO TREAT VIRUS TO HARMFUL CORONA WUHAN. SEE TOO IT TO KILL IT. An Indian scientist has discovered the code of the WuHan Virus transplanted from HIV + Corona Bats through the extension strings attached. Thanks to the EXTENSION implant, we can easily know how to treat it. Thanks Continue Reading

coronavirus Tamil | English Subtitles

In China there was spreading virus called Coronavirus Some people affected for virus few some kill for that What is coronavirus? where this virus was origin? what are cautions of this virus? that was details in this video coronavirus this virus was origin from china china peoples are attacked by Continue Reading