Строение кофейной ягоды

Today let’s spend some time talking about the structure of the coffee bean Here they are in the palm of my hand. Ripe cherries. What are they made up of? I’ll try to simplify things and just say there are four main layers underneath which the coffee bean sits in Continue Reading

Starbucks Coffee From Bean to Cup— and the People Along the Way

Oh hey, nice cup of coffee. Do you know what it takes to make that? in 2013 Starbucks but a coffee farm in the side of a volcano in Costa Rica we call it Hacienda Alsacia. We didn’t buy this farm because we needed more coffee, we bought it to Continue Reading

A Story of SUPREMO Coffee Roasters | Pioneers of Specialty Coffee in Germany

(coffee pours) – I still don’t feel like I’m working, because I’m doing what I like. (upbeat music) All right, let’s go. My name is Raphael Braune, I am one of the founders of Supremo Coffee and Comandante Grinder. I’ve been working in specialty coffees since about 2005, and love Continue Reading


just got here hello hi hey can you have just like a regular black coffee think it is that’s it Hey [Music] so we’re gonna be using today coffee like a regular black coffee and it’s gonna smell nice and after that you can take vanilla pure vanilla from your Continue Reading