DIY Coffee Wood Stain – Man vs. Pin #14

What’s up? Rob here. Man vs Pin. The other week, Silje Andersson suggested this pin in the comments. Apparently, with just some coffee, some vinegar, and a steel wool pad, you can make this awesome antique wood stain. Really? I’ve got all those things. Absolutely no time to waste. As Continue Reading

EASY & PRETTY Coffee Filter Flowers DIY

Hi guys, this is Shay with Throne and Thimble, and today I’ve got the easiest coffee filter flower tutorial for you guys. And these are all over Pinterest, there’s so many different versions from really intricate rose ones, to just plain puff balls so this is a really easy way Continue Reading

How to make chocolate covered jelly candy

Alright, I wanted, all summer, to make chocolate covered jellies. And I finally figured it out. First get some chocolate wafers. You can get these in craft stores. I’ve seen them in the supermarket, in the chocolate section, with the chocolate chips but I think that’s dependent on the store. Continue Reading

DIY Tea Advent Calendar

Hi guys, Today I’m gonna show you how to make a DIY advent calendar. You will need 12 sheets of coloured paper, a hole puncher, some kind of string to make hangers, a cord lace where you hang your calendar, a ruler and a glue, some tape, scissors, at least Continue Reading

Kahve Çekirdeği, Kahve Çatlağı, Modeli Nasıl Yapılır – .Coffee Bean, Coffee Crack, Model How To

1. sıra: 2 ilmek ters ör, ipliği arkaya alınız, 1 ilmeği ters örer gibi şişe sağ şişe aktar, 2 ilmek yüz ör, örmeden alınan ilmeği, 2 yüz ilmeğin üzerinden geçiriniz, sıra sonunu 2 ters ile bitir. 2.sıra : 2 ilmek yüz ör, 1 ilmek ters ör , şişe 1 ilmek Continue Reading

How to Fix Broken Pottery : Kintsugi : DIY

Hey, everyone. So a little while ago my little hellraiser Uni ended up knocking d own a piece of pottery that I owned. It was given to me by a friend in college. He actually made it. We were in ceramics class together and if any of you have seen Continue Reading

Coffee Table with Storage – 2017 Pallet Up Cycle Challenge (English subtitles)

Hello! I welcome you to another DIY video! My today’s project is my entry in the 2017 Pallet Up Cycle Challenge, the global competition for pallet wood crafts. I am gonna show you how to make a wooden table – chest. For my project I’ll need two (2) pallets. At Continue Reading

DIY Hand Painted Mug | Sea Lemon

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a couple ways to paint a ceramic or porcelain mug. Here’s a list of materials and tools I’ll be using. On a side note, When I was shopping for porcelain paint, I noticed some brands were not recommended for surfaces that come in contact Continue Reading

Polymer Clay 1 to 144 – Coffee Table

DIY How to make coffee bean Christmas ball (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #431

Hi. Today I will show you how to make Christmas ball out of coffee beans. I made it by request from my viewers. Detailed list of all needed items is in the description of this video. First put a styrofoam ball on a wooden skewer… …and paint it by using Continue Reading