DIY Handmade Basket Making with EMPTY Soda Can ( SUPER EASY CRAFT )/ Best Out Of Waste Crafts


Envelope punch board tea bag caddy

Welcome back to stampwithbev .. With my third video we are going to make a tea bag caddy. I found “sweetie pots” made by Sam at, adapted it to accommodate some teabags and then decided I wanted to put three sweetie pots together so I could have an assortment Continue Reading

DIY Cocoa Powder Sunless Tan Lotion, Corinne VS Pin #2

What up Internet? Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne vs. Pin. Rose left a comment on the glow stick nails video with a link to this pin showing that you can use lotion and cocoa powder—yes, chocolate powder— to make sunless tanner. I really do not like sitting out in Continue Reading

Marshmallow Snowman (edible craft) – perfect with Hot Cocoa

Hi, I’m Valentina. Wellcome to my channel. In this video I made these cute little snowman. This is a very interesting edible craft that you can make with your kids, and eat it as well. Subscribe to my channel if you didn’t already, and don’t forget to like these cute Continue Reading

[ हिंदी✔ ] How to Make a Tea Maker or Water Heater at Home using Horlicks Jar.

oooh , you using the subtitle, thank you very much Hii friends ,welcome to C4U Today I am going to show you the simplest way to make a water heater or tea maker At the last i will tell you some important and interesting things on it In this place, Continue Reading

Christmas Home Decor DIY Decoupage Candle & Tea light holder

Clean and degrease a wine glass with cleaner or alcohol. Run a contour of the masking tape by a marker. Cut out the petals of rice paper and fix them on the wine glass by masking tape. Run a contour of the petals by a marker and remove the petals. Continue Reading

DIY heart wreath coffee filter wreath craft for kids cheap DIY Valentine’s Day easy Wreath heart

hi we are making a wreath and then this we must we do in the bottom and it goes in the back pull on it after this video we are gonna this is what you do mm-hmm No you pull at the bottom thats what you do at at these Continue Reading

How the Empress of Orange Built a Community Online – Tea with Shira #67

>>If anything, you’re going to go find an orange hat.>>Another mmm>>And a scarf, and a cardigan, and some socks. And then you’re just going to be like, “Ta da!”>>Right, right.>>Hello everyone. I am joined by Gaye Glasspie, better known as GGmadeit or, you know what, the yarn ho.>>That.>>Seriously. There is Continue Reading