HOW TO MAKE COLD COFFEE in Urdu/Hindi/English

hi today i show u cold coffee drink.which we can take in any weather and enjoy we can make it many ways,and variations.. its my way to prepare it ..its basic style… lets start it now ,,keep the glasses in freezer for 10 min to chilled them… its for 2 Continue Reading

✔️ CAPPUCCINO | How to make Cappuccino ? | Coffee Cream Homemade | EASY and TASTY Recipe!

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Namaskar Welcome to Today we will prepare Banana Chocolate Ice cream it is very delicious and very easy to make as well. Ingredients required: Bananas – 2 Lemon – 1/2 Sugar – 1/2 cup Cream – 1 cup Milk – 1 cup Chocolate – 1 piece Chocolates are available Continue Reading


Hi this is vijaya & warm welcome to Vijaya’s recipes. Our today’s recipe is a simple ice-cream recipe which we’ll be making with coffee. Which is made up with very least number of ingredients, very tasty and with less time. So let’s make Coffee Ice-Cream. For making Coffee Ice-Cream, we Continue Reading

chocolate coffee cake 巧克力咖啡蛋糕(无面粉) gâteau au café au chocolatSchokoladen-Kaffee-Kuchen チョコレートコーヒーケーキ

Chocolate coffee cake (without flour) First step chocolate cake (without flour) 85g butter 100g dark chocolate 60 ° C hot water Heated by water for three minutes well mixed 6 eggs, separating egg yolks and egg whites Add 20g sugar to the egg yolk, 6g cocoa powder Stir well Pour Continue Reading

Top 3 | Coffee Makers | Review 2019

Top 3 Coffe

Deliziosa Torta al Cioccolato e Caffè | Delicious Chocolate and Coffee Cake

Hello everyone and welcome to our channel! In this video I’m going to make a delicious chocolate and coffee cake. You will find the complete list of ingredients in the video description. Cover the bottom of a 26 cm diameter cake pan with parchment paper. Leave the edges clean. Prepare Continue Reading

Quick and easy cold coffee with ice cream

one glass of cold milk 1 tbsp coffee 2 tbsp caster sugar chocochips and cocoa powder chocolate syrup in a blender,put milk, coffee, caster sugar and blend it nicely decorate the glass with chocolate syrup pour the cold coffee into the glass put 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream on Continue Reading

Fat Free Ice Cream | Coffee, Matcha, Strawberry

I wanted to make this video to inspire you because basically making fruit ice cream is amazing Just make sure you’ve got a supply of bananas in the freezer and whenever you fancy a sweet sweet taste just go to the freezer, grab a banana whack it in to the Continue Reading

Ice Cream Rolls | Vanilla & Brownie / Fried Thailand Ice Cream rolled by Fortunato in Chile

Ice Cream Rolls : Your Ice Cream Channel good Presents : Fortunato Handmade Ice Cream Rolls Look how this Handmade Ice cream rolls , are made here at Barrio Franklin Santiago, Central Chile Look at that mouth watering ice cream syrup , probably vanilla or milk flavour. Now adding Barrio Continue Reading