Josh Woodward: “Coffee” (Acoustic Performance)

Here’s an ancient song of mine that I completely forgot existed until this cool video went viral about a dog named Jesse featuring this song So here’s to all of you who’ve been requesting a video of this It’s called “Coffee” A cup of coffee in the morning and I Continue Reading

DIY Tea Advent Calendar

Hi guys, Today I’m gonna show you how to make a DIY advent calendar. You will need 12 sheets of coloured paper, a hole puncher, some kind of string to make hangers, a cord lace where you hang your calendar, a ruler and a glue, some tape, scissors, at least Continue Reading

Inkjet Napkin printing prep | How to apply it to a cup

got your napkin unfold it and remove the inner layer this is what you’ll be using especially if you have a decorated napkin that has the design on the outer layer flatten it out and make sure that it’ll fit on top of your paper overhang is okay we’ll take Continue Reading

DIY – pallet & coffee table again

what you need: four metal legs, jig saw, sander, screw driver, stain and rag, safety tools… and two pallets first step: need the half of the pallet SAW 4 narrow slats for the top TIP: before saw work measure correctly the place of the narrow slats USE the slats of Continue Reading

DIY – pallet coffee table | NO power tools 💪

raklap dohányzóasztal amire szükséged lesz: raklapok, fűrész, kalapács, szögek, csiszolópapír, lazúr festék, bútorgörgők, csavarok, kapupánt csavarok vagy faragasztó ‘A’ raklap – teteje a dohányzóasztalnak a hagyományos méretű raklap túl nagy lett volna a nappalinkba, ezért az ‘A’ raklapot ketté fűrészeltük ‘B’ raklapról szükséged lesz a lécekre, azért, hogy az asztalod Continue Reading

Pret Reusable Coffee Cup | Rich Projects

It’s like an emoji in real life. When tasked with this project I had already been really involved in all the Pret single-use packaging – including many iterations of their paper cup, so it was really interesting to look at this reusable incarnation. Being something that we wanted customers to Continue Reading

DIY Miniature- IKEA Coffee Tables Tutorial

Hi guys! It’s Cath and today I have a super easy miniature tutorial for you. We’re going to make some mini IKEA coffee tables. These are from the ikea LACK series and I absolutely love the simplicity in its design. Let’s get started with the smaller square table first. I Continue Reading

DIY – pallet coffee table EASY & CHEAP

Hi there! Do you want how to create a pallet coffee table in one afternoon? I hope this video will inspire you to do your first pallet furniture into your livingroom. Check and enjoy it ✌️😉 And here it is! I hope you like it! 😉 Thank’s for watching! SUBSCRIBE! Continue Reading