Lilly Spills the Tea About Her Therapy Sessions

-As much as I love this job, can I be real with y’all? It can definitely get stressful. I mean, there are so many different ways to relieve stress, but I’ve told my writers to stop making so many sex jokes. So we’re just gonna talk about therapy. Straight up, Continue Reading

The Third Place

– So I’m here, actually at Starbucks with my mate, Howard Kingston, from London. We are here in Monaco and Italy is just over there. Why don’t I give you some perspective on why that’s important? Well, listen. Starbucks coffee, I don’t even drink coffee, but I remember reading Starbucks Continue Reading

Lavazza, Coffee Roots: Egypt part 3

The aroma in Alexandria’s coffee shops is tantalising. The products are hand-packaged in little paper bags using the same techniques of centuries ago. The blends are used to prepare the typical spiced coffee which, in the local tradition, is complemented with resin, cardamom powder, nutmeg and cloves. The Café Riche Continue Reading

High Tea in Banff National Park

And what they couldn’t understand was that I was up here all summer. Didn’t you get lonely? No, I didn’t get lonely. It was too busy. Well I think I got my confidence from growing up on the farm. We had to work hard and if something was broken, you Continue Reading

Inside Colombia’s Beauty Pageant for Indigenous Trans Women

新しい情報チャンネル!Over Tea & Coffee! Youtube 始めました!

Hi guys! I’m Kumie. I’m Kana. Welcome to our channel “Over Tea & Coffee” Yaaay! Welcome! Welcome! It ’s the first episode. Kana, how are you feeling now? Well, the room is bright Now it ’s 8 o’clock in the evening in LA, and it ’s so dark outside but Continue Reading

How To Host A Downton Abbey Tea Party | British High Tea Etiquette | Hey Y’all

(fanfare music) (bell ringing) The Queen is coming to “Hey Y’all”. Just kidding, but she really is coming to Downton, and in much anticipation of the “Downton Abbey” movie, I have my friend Olivia here to experience a very proper 1920s style British high tea. Is this your first tea Continue Reading