Game of Thrones – Starbucks Coffee Cup

Hi everybody and welcome back to TheBlogspot 40. Ttoday we’re going to talk about Game of Thrones and that Starbucks coffee cup. Okay here we go. We finally know who left that coffee cup in a shot in Game of Thrones final season. Emilia Clarke who starred as Daenerys Targaryen Continue Reading

Fly With Yaya – Seni Upacara Minum Teh! / Japanese Tea Ceremony (ENG/JP captions)

Wow! This smells amazing! Hi, guys! Today I’m gonna learn about a very interesting cultural tradition in Japan. Want to know what it is? Let’s Fly With Yaya! Welcome to our tea ceremony room. Please come in. Whoa! This is such a gorgeous room! I’m about to try out the Continue Reading

Tandoori chai | Homemade tandoori chai without tandoor | Hot pot tea

Hey guys welcome back to my channel Today we are going to make tandoori tea(tandoori chai) without tandoor If u like the video then plz hit the like button and plz subscribe to my channel Let’s start making tandoori chai Take earthen clay cup Put on flame to heat the Continue Reading

거대 커피잔에 동양화 그리는 바리스타! 신윤복 화백을 울린 그 남자의 이야기┃Barista’s Korean Painting Latte Art on a Giant Coffee Cup

Oxen look like they’ll dash forward soon So moist, makes you feel like you’re in an actual valley All of them are drawn on… Coffee! COFFEE?! COFFEE?!?!? (that was so unexpected) (mind became blank) THEY ARE ALL COFFEE?! I drew them on coffee Wow, they’re amazing It looks like he Continue Reading

Pourquoi passer à la cup (coupe menstruelle) ?

Periods are a lousy time in a woman’s life. As it happens once a month, let’s make it better. Enough of these tampons attacking your flora? Your mother sucks cocks in hell. Enough of these tampons attacking your flora? Your mother sucks cocks in hell. Fed up with these towels Continue Reading

5 Cool Coffee Mugs

– Welcome to another awesome stuff to buy video. Today, we’re gonna be countin’ down the five coolest coffee mugs. First up on the list is the I Miss Drugs mug. Come on. Who doesn’t remember the good old days and now they have to settle for coffee? Second on Continue Reading

How To Make A Proper Cup Of Tea

Hiya, my name’s Hetain and welcome to my kitchen. Today we’re going to be showing you how to make a proper cup of tea. Now ideally we would have had a proper English person to show us how, but we didn’t have the budget for that so we’ve got Alan Continue Reading