Ladurée Tea Party and Geneva Lolita photoshoots

[Korea Vlog Ep.2 + Giveaway] the worst surprise, cute cafe, wedding in Seoul

Day 1- Seoul taking KTX from Suncheon to Seou (we took a morning train, so everyone was resting.) Aaron: “I don’t know if they can hear us.” We are going to our Airbnb by metro. hi guys, so we just arrived in Seoul and we got to our Airbnb in Continue Reading


RWBY Chibi FULL EPISODE: Season 3, Episode 9 – Tea Party | Rooster Teeth

What’s up, everyone! If you want some more cool animation, go check out Nomad of Nowhere. It’s on Yeah! Go do it! It’s got clapping. What else has it got? Uh… rocks… with faces. And? Uh, some people got guns. Do they sound like “pew-pew”? ..sure. Weiss, this tea Continue Reading

Garden Cafe: Korea’s Most Unique Coffee Shops ep.6

Hello friends and family This is Megan Bowen A.K.A. ChoNunMiGookSaram…imnidah! And today we are going to Ver’s Cafe. Ooo beers and cocktails 。◕‿◕。 So we’re back for take two because when we came the other day it was too crowded. But it was so crowded last time we came that Continue Reading

James Charles x Morphe Reveal

(Camera beep and shutter sounds) (Foot steps) Yass James (Beat-boxing) GETIT Ah (BREATHE) *me dancing by myself) (Beat-boxing) (clap clap) Hey! Ohhhhh…(Clap Clap) Hey Ohhhhh…(Clap Clap) Hey Hey ohhhhhh… (Clap Clap) Hey hey! Oh yeah! Ohhhhh…(Clap Clap) Hey(Choir) ohhhhh… (clap clap) Hey! Ohhhh (Whispers)Unleash your inner artist (Shutter clicks and Continue Reading

Giant Long Beach Iced Tea – Tipsy Bartender

– Alright, today we’re making a long beach iced tea, which is this pretty drink right here. – [Skyy] Exactly, it’s a giant– – Oh, a giant long beach iced tea. – [Skyy] ‘Cause that ain’t regular size, homeboy! Okay, that got stuff growin’ out of it. It’s deadly! – Continue Reading

Milk Tea – heiakim

Oh I want Milk Tea Milk Tea, Milk Teaaa,Make it Sweet less ice Make the bubble like a rain

Coffee vs Waffle Iron (CC for subtitles)

hey guys i know it has been a long time welcome back to waffle iron Wednesday so today we’re gonna be making coffee cake instant coffee, an egg, warm milk, butter, flour, we got um cocoa, we got sugar? we got vanilla. mix our sugar with the flour and the Continue Reading