Jesse’s Wake Up Bar – Dark Chocolate Caffeinated All Natural Energy Bar Product Review

Hey Everybody, CaffeineMan here, and today I got a bonus video for you guys! That’s right. This week there was a holiday, which means I had an extra day off out of work and I can get a lot accomplished when I have a full day to myself . So Continue Reading

Coffee and Mortality

Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean // TheCandyGuy

Welcome back to my channel TheCandyGuy where I talk about treats for the sweet tooth. Today I’m going to talk about dark chocolate espresso beans the dark chocolate espresso bean that we carry here at the Penny Candy Store is made by Sconza. And they’re the same company where we Continue Reading

The history of chocolate – Deanna Pucciarelli

If you can’t imagine life without chocolate, you’re lucky you weren’t born before the 16th century. Until then, chocolate only existed in Mesoamerica in a form quite different from what we know. As far back as 1900 BCE, the people of that region had learned to prepare the beans of Continue Reading

Aggie Chocolate Factory – Bean to Bar Education

>>I think in short what’s unique about Utah State’s Aggie Chocolate Factory is that it is on a campus. We’re the only one that I know of in the country that has a working, functioning, fully operating bean to bar chocolate manufacturing facility on a campus that’s incorporating it into Continue Reading

👉 Dark Chocolate Scam – Gundry, Mercola, Aspery… – by Dr Sam Robbins

The more videos I do, the more comments and questions I get, the more frustrated I’m getting due to all the misinformation, hype and total BS … And this has to do with today’s topic of how “dark chocolate” is healthy for you. Even with people that I totally respect, Continue Reading