Do Not Play: “Hunk Alert,” “Hands Up Boogie”

-Before we start, I just want you all to know that every artist and song that I’m about to play for you is 100% real. [ Laughter ] These are actual bands and actual songs. You can find them on Spotify or Amazon or Deezer. -Sure. [ Laughter ] Scrambo. Continue Reading

EATING ONLY ONE COLOR FOOD FOR 24 HOURS Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts

So this is a clue about what today’s vlogs about Oh open it up Is it like were gonna get presents? Woah, Maybe, Oh Maybe Nah, I got a banana, yellow Fasion show, its another one of those fasion challenges Oh yeah. wait were eating bananas for 24 hours Each Continue Reading

Coffee Table | Alexander Oscar | Fitness dance & zumba

Fitness Dance | zumba choreography Coffee Table | Alexander Oscar