DIY – Gift for a girl who likes to drink coffee in the garden – Beautiful coffee table

DIY – Gift for a girl who likes to drink coffee in the garden – Beautiful coffee table

How to Make a Coffee Table

This weeks semi daunting tool tip challenge for David is to create a coffee table out of this stuff here. I’d say that is fully daunting. Oh well semi daunting you should be able to do it. I’ll stand by and help you, you just need this stuff here, the Continue Reading

Russian Rustic Wooden Coffee Table Made of Stump DIY

So I finished the preparatory phase – working with a chainsaw it was even easier than I thought. But still a bit of a tired arm. But I liked it. Now for continuation of I will need the knives. To do this, I went to the store and I advised Continue Reading

DIY coffee table | How to make a table with wooden crates | Tutorial quick and easy

“Hi, it’s Hang-Shuen. You’re an upcycling enthusiast and would like to have an eye-catching piece in your apartment? With just four wooden crates, for example, you can build a rustic and stylish coffee table that will give your home an individual touch. I’ll show you how.” You’ll need: Four wooden Continue Reading

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Good morning! Welcome to our first DIY video. We watched YouTube video on how to build a pallet coffee table so sure we can do it. Okay, you’re gonna say, “That you’re gonna need.” Okay, ready? Mhmm. Here are the things – that you’re gonna need. What do you think? Continue Reading

How to Make a Modern Outdoor Table

What’s up guys, I’m Brad Rodriguez from Fix This Build That and today I’m going to show you how to make a modern outdoor table. It’s got some crazy welded base legs I had John Malecki help me out on that and I also had Mike Montgomery help me out Continue Reading

Resin River Handmade Table

In today’s video, we are tackling a project inspired by the artist Greg Klassen, making a small end table out of a piece of burl wood log. [Music] Today’s video is going to look a little bit differently, because instead of having my camera guy, Mark film everything, this is Continue Reading

Ikea Lack Table Hack

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DIY Japanese Inspired Cherry Trestle Table

What do you do when you find someone basically giving away solid cherry lumber I’ll tell you what you do you buy as much as you can fit in your car and you build something with it I became inspired to build a japanese-style trestle table after watching the ki Continue Reading