Woodworking Project 001 : CD Storage Holder

Hello and welcome to Woodworking with Edward Short, The Hoosier Craftsman and I have a fun little project lined up for today and that is building a CD Rack that mounts to the wall. Now I have built plenty of Cd Racks and towers to hold anywhere from 20 to Continue Reading

DIY Miniature Paper Cup Coffee | Dollhouse – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Liquid clay and dry pastel Bake the product in the oven at (110°C – 130°C) for 5 – 7 minutes Cover a varnish

10 DIY Coffee Table on a Budget

The coffee table is one of the must-have items in any living room. It not only helps you set down some snacks, beverages, magazines, and remote TV, but also enhances the look of your living room. Some of them even add a personality boost to the space. However, finding the Continue Reading

Building a Rustic Industrial Coffee Table for Less Than $50 – An Easy How-to DIY Tutorial

Hey guys, and welcome back to the brothers workshop. Today we’re going to show you how we used reclaimed wood to build this modern rustic coffee table. So, for this project we decided to go with reclaimed wood. We took the wood from a house in an up-and-coming section of Continue Reading

DIY Nesting Step Stool | How to Build

Hey, I’m Brad from Fix This Build That and today, I’m going to show you this three-in-one step stool. It’s gonna give you three different options. Whether you just need a small boost, a bigger boost, or if you just need a place to sit. It’s just one and you Continue Reading

How to Easily Build a Modern Coffee Table for Less Than $20 – A DIY Tutorial

what is up guys I’m Dave this is the brothers workshop and today we’re gonna show you how to DIY make a custom modern coffee table with just a few things in this project the tools you’ll need are a deep well drill bit paddle bit power drill socket set Continue Reading

How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker

How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker. Whether you need a full pot of rocket fuel before the birds start chirping or just like a few sips of decaf with your dessert, knowing how to make coffee is an indispensable—and simple—skill. You will need Ground coffee Coffee maker Coffee Continue Reading

Cookie slab epoxy coffee table with waterfall – Unknown lumber – DIY

Creating a cookie slab epoxy coffee table (with waterfall) This is a large cookie slab I bought on ebay I have no idea what lumber it is Pretty sure its tropical, due to the saw dust I observed Lets make an awesome coffee table I started by planing Look at Continue Reading

Small and Colorful Beauty Room Makeover with PatrickStarrr

Can’t wait to decorate there’s so much we can make how will it turn out? OMG, we’re coming over! Open up. We’re here. Okay. You’re yelling like so loud OMG OMG. OMG Oh oh My God we’re coming over. Oh my God. We’re coming over guys. Yes! Hi everyone my Continue Reading

🔴 EASY DIY Coffee Table with Casters!!!

what’s up guys this is Sean from modern design minimal and today I’m gonna be building this rustic slash modern coffee table, it has a low profile design some it has some casters on the bottom so you can roll it around your living room and it was relatively inexpensive Continue Reading