Don’t Miss Out on The Last Rides & Coffee of 2019! – Chemical Guys

♪ Last chance let me touch your body ♪ ♪ do somethin’ that feels ♪ ♪ So so naughty ♪ ♪ Last chance ♪ Alight, my bad. My bad. – Somebody had Trix for breakfast. (funky music) – Hey everybody. Happy Monday, and thank you so much for tuning in Continue Reading

The Smoothie Challenge! *GOOD vs. GROSS* Learn DIY Edible Real Gummy Food Sour Candy Drink How To

Tutorial! Cum reciclăm un tablou rupt! Realizat cu pastă din zaț de cafea!Peisaj de toamna!

Hi dear! As promised I came back with a new tutorial in which I will recycle a broken painting, on which I will create a landscape of autumn! For this I used the following materials: acrylic paints of different colors, embossing paste, coffee mug, on which I will use it Continue Reading

DIY Acne cubes | Dark Circle Cubes | Green tea Ice Cubes | Skincare| Clean Skin | Ayushi Jain Bansal

Hello and Welcome Back to my Channel So To make Acne cubes we will be needing Green Tea Leaves You can use Green Tea Bags Also That is not a problem Then we will take 1 and a half cup drinking water and a ice Cube Tray, I have 12 Continue Reading

DIY $0.75 Cup Holders For Your Canoe!

Hey guys. Here are a few of our canoes that we have. We do a fair amount of floating and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been sitting in a canoe and drinking a drink and you set it down here on the floor and then next thing Continue Reading

8 Best DIY Food Hacks You Need to Know How To Do Challenge!

– Yo, we got watermelon! You want some? – Yeah, of course. – Alright, here we go just gonna crack it open like this. Yo! – Oh, wait, what? – Check it out! – How did you do that? – How’d you make it orange? – Orange, wait, you want Continue Reading

CUP SPINNER – TAMIL – Amazing Spinning Helicopter from a cup!

make a spinner using a paper cup. for this you require a paper cup, a long wooden stick, straw, cutter and some glue. take a paper cup and cut it into half along the diameter using a cutter. you will get two halves. now just take one half and once Continue Reading

Stitch+Brew Cold Brew Coffee

hello I’m Lincoln Wingerd and this is my wife Rachel and we own a coffee and coffee accessory company called Stitch and Brew we’re excited to share with you how to use our handmade cold brew filters to make your own cold brew at your home now let’s start making Continue Reading

DIY Coffee candle (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #184

Hi. Today I will show you how to make candle. We need: …candles or wax… …wax crayons… …wooden skewer… …small jar… …pot… …spatula… …coffee beans… …and glue gun. Firs, put some coffee beans to the jar. Glue some coffee beans inside the jar. Remember: don’t use too much glue, because Continue Reading