Boho Berry’s Ultimate Organizer!

hi I’m Kara otherwise known online as boho berry and I am super passionate about personal growth organizing and planning and one of my favorite ways to plan is to sit at my WorkBox where I have all of the supplies I could ever need on hand and the WorkBox Continue Reading

Coffee Painting : Amazing Use of Coffee in Poster Color Painting for Wall Decoration

How to make a nice Coffee Painting of Lord Ganesha Things You Need… Water & Coffee, Color & Palette, Sticks, Paint, Pencil, Sketch Pens, White Paper, Adhesive Take the white paper and use a brush to apply the coffee mixture on the paper as shown. Now add darker coffee shades Continue Reading

Nate Pencilmate Needs a Bath of Coffee | Animated Cartoons Characters | Animated Short Films

Nate Pencilmate needs a bath of coffee.

How Well Do You Know Coffee? (Most people won’t get 5 right)

Hey guys, how many of you enjoy a good cup of coffee? Yeah, who doesn’t? In fact, with over two billion cups consumed daily, coffee’s become the second most popular drink on the entire planet next to water. And so today I thought it’d be fun to have a little Continue Reading

DIY Coffee Mug | Sharpie Customized Mug

hello everyone I’m Angela Kirkian in this DIY video I’m going to show you how to create a unique and personalized coffee mug using permanent markers it’s super easy to make it and a great gift idea to give someone so are you excited let’s get started all you need Continue Reading

How to draw girl who loves tea || Cup and Tea Pot || Step by Step || Pencil Sketch Easy Drawing

and whenever you like you’re nothing but you wanna be some leave all you really need is though I just want you to trust me if you wanna be safe that’s right let’s go yeah when you’re feeling down you out but you got nothing but death you’ll be known Continue Reading


Steph: Hi art friends, we’re back with another episode of doodles (this is the doodles) And tea (I don’t want to drop my tea on Adam’s drawing). Adam: We’re not painting with tea, not today. Steph: if you’re curious what tea I’m drinking let’s just put it on top of Continue Reading