What If You Only Drank Coffee And Nothing Else?

This episode of The Infographics Show is brought to you by Skillshare. Get 2 months of Skillshare for free and learn new skills by using the link in the description. With 64% of US adults indulging in at least one cup of coffee per day, and 11% gulping down four Continue Reading

Es Alpukat – Indonesian Iced AVOCADO & COFFEE Recipe Taste Test

Greetings, my beautiful lovelies, it’s Emmy. Welcome back! Today, I’m going to be making a beverage that contains coffee and avocado and it’s called Es Alpukat. Whoa, I almost spilled my coffee! So here in the US, in the age of avocado toast, I think a lot of people make Continue Reading

Coffee Lemonade (Mazagran / Capile) – Portuguese Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 247

My friend Teresa, from Portugal, is showing us how to make a summer drink that is very popular in Portugal called Mazagran. It is usually made during the hot summer days – in Portugal it gets really warm! This is a very simple drink that is delicious and refreshing! The Continue Reading

What Goes Into McDonald’s Coffees?!

– Come on, come on! (playful jazz music) (people talking) Thank you. Made it. Hey guys, it’s Doug. McDonald’s in the UK has invited me to explore their breakfast menu. So I’ve gone along to a McDonald’s and ordered my all time favourite item, the Sausage and Egg McMuffin, along Continue Reading

What Coffee Brewing Method Is The Best?

– Hi My name is Jeff Cheen, I’m the chief coffee guy at Groundwork Coffee and this morning we’re going to try one coffee, brewed over several different methods, and discuss the differences we taste that those methods bring out of the coffee. Come on in to my playpen, lets Continue Reading

Coffee – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Lady #1: And what can I get for you Sir? Man #1: Straight Coffee, and make it quick Lady #1: I’m sorry? Man #1: Ahh, excuse me, I can be a real JERK until I’ve had my coffee. Robber #1: NOBODY MOVE! I SAID NOBODY FUCKING MOVE OR I’LL FUCKING Continue Reading

How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker

How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker. Whether you need a full pot of rocket fuel before the birds start chirping or just like a few sips of decaf with your dessert, knowing how to make coffee is an indispensable—and simple—skill. You will need Ground coffee Coffee maker Coffee Continue Reading

The One Way You Should Actually Be Drinking Coffee

– (“Gardens of Neptune”) – Alright. – Woah. – (laughing) That is so good. – What is this? – It’s a damn fine shake. – Like cookie butter, but in a milkshake? – This is so, so (bleep) good. – It’s ice cream. What do you want? – If I Continue Reading

Coffee and Vienna | VIENNA/NOW

It’s no secret that the Viennese are crazy about their coffee. The Vienna Coffee Festival celebrates the traditional and brand-new coffee scene in the city. There are tastings and demonstrations from world-class baristas, as well as interactive workshops. My name is Chris Cummins. Let’s find out about Vienna’s coffeehouse culture Continue Reading

Are You Consuming Your Coffee Correctly?

Many of us wake up with one thing on our mind – COFFEE! Or at least, some form of caffeinated beverage to get your day started. But what if I told you you’ve been drinking your coffee incorrectly this entire time? We all have an internal biological clock called the Continue Reading