This Many Cans of Coke (Soda) Will Kill You

Today we’re taking a look at America’s favorite junk food: soda. We’ve all heard the news reports and scientific studies, and we probably all have that one health nut friend who tells us just how terrible soda is for us, and while soda drunk without moderation is certainly very bad Continue Reading

How to Carbonate a Flat Beverage – Soda, Water or Any Beverage You Need Fizzy

How to carbonate a flat beverage If you’re interested in carbonating your own beverages at home or bringing sodas that have lost their fizziness back from the dead, this do-it-yourself carbonation method is easier, more versatile, and less expensive to use than over-the-counter carbonation machines. All you’ll need is a Continue Reading

배맛 사이다 먹방 1리터 원샷 가즈아 톡쏘는 달달함 갈배사이다 음료 리얼사운드 ASMR

Hi, I’m Jagom Today’s drink is Pear-flavored Soda. A combination of sweet pears and pungent cider Let me taste it first. Just like the name of the drink It tastes like soda full of pear juice. Then I will try to drink a liter without a break. Now, the bubbles Continue Reading

Here’s the mf tea (Except she went boom boom)

*Straw packaging sounds* *Starbucks cup straw hole sound* *Sound of a Starbucks refresher with mostly ice and not much drink cup shaking sound* *Sound of a girl that just sipped on a Starbucks refresher” *Sound of a girl talking after she drank the “MF TEA from Starbucks* *Sound of a Continue Reading


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today, as you know, it’s the holiday season! So we’re gonna be making something holiday themed, something to keep up warm! We’re gonna be making some hot cocoa! And, for the first on Nerdy Nummies, we’re gonna be making those cute Continue Reading

Sperm, skulls and scandal… the hidden history of coffee | BBC Ideas

Globally, over two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. In Britain alone, we need around 95 million cups to keep us going from dawn ’til dusk. But 450 years ago, Western Europe had barely even heard of it. Coffee’s roots lie in Ethiopia, where the wild plant grew. Continue Reading

How to make delicious cold brew using our cold brew filter packets!

Hi! I’m here to show you how easy and mess-free it is to make cold brew coffee concentrate using White Cane Coffees cold brew filter packet. First, tear open the bag keeping the filter packet fresh then place the filter packet filled with your coffee of choice in a pitcher Continue Reading

What is Caffeine? and What Effects Does it Hold?

Lots of foods and drinks in our everyday lives contain caffeine. It’s a drug that can be used to help you perform better in training and racing, if used correctly of course. Caffeine is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular and commonly consumed drugs. When we think Continue Reading