How to Make the Single Latte : How to Grind Coffee Beans for a Single Latte

CLANCY ROSE: Next thing we’re going to talk about is the grinders, and that being whether you have one of these home use espresso grinders or one of the smaller blade grinders. For this grinder, you have the hopper where you put the beans, the hopper drops down into where Continue Reading

What Coffee Brewing Method Is The Best?

– Hi My name is Jeff Cheen, I’m the chief coffee guy at Groundwork Coffee and this morning we’re going to try one coffee, brewed over several different methods, and discuss the differences we taste that those methods bring out of the coffee. Come on in to my playpen, lets Continue Reading

Coffee – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Lady #1: And what can I get for you Sir? Man #1: Straight Coffee, and make it quick Lady #1: I’m sorry? Man #1: Ahh, excuse me, I can be a real JERK until I’ve had my coffee. Robber #1: NOBODY MOVE! I SAID NOBODY FUCKING MOVE OR I’LL FUCKING Continue Reading

Portable Coffee Maker

Finding a good cup of coffee can be a struggle when traveling we’ve found the perfect solution The portable coffeemaker let you make coffee anytime anywhere It’s compact lightweight and versatile innovative design and powerful Extraction pressure for a rich and bold espresso the coffee maker is your best choice Continue Reading

The One Way You Should Actually Be Drinking Coffee

– (“Gardens of Neptune”) – Alright. – Woah. – (laughing) That is so good. – What is this? – It’s a damn fine shake. – Like cookie butter, but in a milkshake? – This is so, so (bleep) good. – It’s ice cream. What do you want? – If I Continue Reading

How to Make the Double Latte : How to Grind Coffee Beans for a Double Latte

CLANCY ROSE: Alright, so next we are going to talk about grinding the coffee and the grinders that you are going to use to prepare your espresso. So here we have a home espresso grinder. And basically, you have your hopper here where the coffee drops down into where it Continue Reading

Coffee, Mesmerism, and Morning Routines | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Apparently, philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wasn’t too keen on starting the day, but boredom would eventually crowbar her out of bed so she could be working by 10:00. After a cup of tea, she would work for six hours before leaving the house to meet up with friends. Frederich Nietzsche, Continue Reading

How to Make French Press Coffee : Coffee Beans for French Press Coffee

Now we’re going to talk about beans. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a good idea to keep beans in the freezer. For the freshest taste I recommend a canister like this that’s air-tight, that you can keep a bag of beans in at all times to ensure their freshness. Continue Reading

Coffee Addicts Try To Guess Regular Vs. Decaf Coffee

– My mom started putting like a little bit of coffee in my hot chocolate and the first day I almost like shit my pants on the way to my school. (laughter) (upbeat music) – I started drinking coffee when I was in the second grade. – It’s like the Continue Reading