7 Drinks You Should Avoid Like The Plague While You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy comes with a long list of do’s and don’ts, and they’re hard to keep track of! If you’re a little confused about what you should or shouldn’t be drinking over the course of those nine long months, here’s what you need to know. For some, it can be hard Continue Reading

Craft Brewery – Garage Brewing: Temecula – Cold Brew Milk Stout

guys what’s up it’s Saturday night it’s Saturday night we’re halfway through the the weekend I don’t have a hat on and I don’t care because we’re halfway through the weekend and guess what? We’re heading back to Temecula we’re gonna head back to Temecula check out this small brewery Continue Reading

Making Cold-Stoned Sundaes with the Cannabis Creamery: BONG APPÉTIT

Top 10 Soda MYTHS That are Lies

rumors myths and urban legends can be a lot of fun like a good tale around the campfire there’s something so exciting about not knowing if a story is true or not at least when it comes to things that are just silly and unimportant your health is not one Continue Reading

Decaf: Taking the buzz out of coffee – BBC World Service, The Food Chain

Can I get a cappucino and a latte? Cappucino. Latte. Hello this is The Food Chain. I’m Emily Thomas and this episode is a buzzkill For many taking the punch out of the most widely consumed psychoactive substance on the planet really defeats the point. Decaffeinated coffee, a man once Continue Reading

Espresso Coffee Drink Recipes : Making A Latte Espresso Drink

Hi, I’m Ashley on behalf of Expert Village, right now I’m making a double sixteen ounce sugar free almond latte. So, we have our steamed milk with foam on top and the sugar free almond flavor and our two shots poured over the top, and that’s a latte. Watch our Continue Reading

Life is better with Hot Cocoa Powder Mix

these are the ingredients that you’re going to use one whole box of instant nonfat dry milk there’s twenty five point six ounces here then we have unsweetened cocoa and there’s four and a quarter cups here this is a chocolate drink mix that you would use with milk and Continue Reading