How to Make the Double Macchiatto : How to Fill the Espresso Shot Basket for a Double Macchiatto

CLANCY ROSE: The next thing that we are going to do is grind the coffee into the porta filter basket. So I take the porta filter out, wipe out the basket, wipe out any old grinds, any old used coffee grinds that might be in there. You want that clean Continue Reading

Quick and Easy Beverage Recipes for Entertaining|Very Berry Splash

Hi, everyone. I wanted to share with you some quick and easy beverage recipes over the next few weeks that are perfect for entertaining. Fall is quickly approaching, which is definitely my favorite season because we do a lot of entertaining outside. During the fall season, the temperatures are actually Continue Reading

How to Make the Single Cappucino : How to Use an Espresso Machine for a Single Cappuccino

CLANCY ROSE: Next we’re going to talk about your espresso machine. So first things first, you turn the machine on. With most machines like this one, it’s going to take a little while to warm up and warm up the coffee–I mean, warm up the water in the water tank Continue Reading

Espresso Coffee Drink Recipes : Making Hot Chocolate Espresso Drink

Hi, I’m Ashley on behalf of Expert Village I’m going to show you how to make a hot chocolate. So, we’re just going to steam our milk and we’re not going to make any foam. Chocolate, now add a little vanilla to it, so that the chocolate isn’t so bitter. Continue Reading

How to Make the Single Americano : How to Choose Espresso Beans for a Single Americano

CLANCY ROSE: All right. So now that you know everything that you have to have to assemble the single Americano, we’re going to talk about the main ingredient in the single Americano which would be the beans that we’re using for the espresso shot. One of the most common misconceptions Continue Reading

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Espresso Coffee Drink Recipes : Making A Raspberry Blossom Espresso Drink

Hi, I’m Ashley on behalf of Expert Village I’m making a raspberry blossom. So, our 16 ounce comes in a double, so there’s just two shots, white chocolate raspberry and steamed milk. And it would be a mocha so there’s no foam on it. And, mocha comes with whip cream Continue Reading