Remy Drinks Bug Poop Tea (

Today I’m drinking poop. No, really! Today I’ll be trying Bugapoop tea, which is essentially moth larva droppings. “There’s nothing offensive in the way it smells. It’s very grain-smelling, almost like barley.” Let’s take a look at how this tea comes about. In Asia, the larvae of a grain moth, Continue Reading

🐒Baby Monkey | Mom cooked mung bean tea and pumpkin for Moon

Monkey Moon eat bean tea


So, I am going to make a video “green tea party” Everything is green tea nothing is not green tea. There is matcha green tea. Then, there is matcha ice cream, pocky, chocolate, and wafer. For you who not subsribe yet, please subscribe. The first one I will eat ice Continue Reading

Play Doh Food Part 1 – Teddy Bear Tea Party

[Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] Rosie? Yes? Can you get us some food for our tea party? Sure. What do you want? Um. We smell pizza. Can you get us some pizza? I smell pizza too. I’ll be right back. Hey pizza! Can I have some? Sure What are Continue Reading

WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! *HOT SAUCE & SKITTLES* Eating Funky & Gross DIY Foods Candy

EASY No-Churn Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream | RECIPE

Taiwanese Breakfast Street Food Tour | EXTREMELY Unusual Almond Egg Tea – STREET FOOD IN TAIWAN

What’s up, and welcome to beautiful. Je taiwan. My name is Luc, Martin with Chopstick travel comm and today I am taking you on a breakfast street food mission. This is my third video I’ve made here in je and that’s because there’s so much good food here. So let’s Continue Reading

Matcha Green Tea Taste Test | Trying Unique Japanese Food Items

alright guys so today we have another taste test for you and as you can probably see everything is looking rather green just attached so that is because today we have decided to do matcha snacks or green tea flavored snacks and this is everything we could find we went Continue Reading