Green Tea Ice Cream and Hand-drip Tea in Shizuoka

Simon-We’re gonna learn a lot today. Martina-This is gonna be some serious stuff. S-Get on your education hats, people. M-Take out your backpack and put a bento in there. S-Pull out your protractor and your rulers. M-Make sure you pack your calculator cause you won’t have those in your phone’s Continue Reading

Yoseop Yang “Caffeine” – KpopCharts Update

Kpop Music Monday: Yoseop Yang “Caffeine” Bloopers!

[S] With Yoseop’s “Caffeine”. (Martina sings) Girl you’re like a caffeine! (Simon snaps along) This is where that song goes in! Everyone says he says like a caffeine, but I didn’t hear the thing! Did it sound like he said like caffeine? I sure didn’t hear dat. I definitely heard Continue Reading

Amazing Japanese Pudding/Purin Recipe

Mr. Pompompurin: Hey everybody! Today we’re going to learn to make purin! Which is just some pudding and – Okay, alright, that’s enough of that buddy *Simon Dothraki man warrior sneeze* S: Sorry *laughing* You guys have no idea how long its taken me – S: I’m so sorry! M: Continue Reading

Gong Cha Bubble Tea

[M] It’s time for… [Both] Food Adventure Program for Awesome People! [All] The Bubble Tea edition! (Simon and Martina are going to eat… Bubble Tea) (Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!) (a.k.a F.A.P F.A.P) [Si] So the Eat Your Kimchi Crew is all going out to get some bubble tea. Continue Reading

WTF – USB Cup Warmer

So what you’re saying is, TOASTYYY! *WTF music* *mellow piano* Mmh. I am really enjoying my delicious latte, here at the You Are Here Cafe. – But you know what really rubs me the wrong way? – Tell me. – And what really ticks me off and makes me feel Continue Reading

Coffee Prince Round 2: Hipsters in the Woods

it’s time for wonderful adventure now Korea the coffee print Redemption edition all right as sometimes you guys might know we went on a waik to the original Coffee Prince coffee shop in a Hongdae huh and they were terrible jerk bags so he’s gonna get a good video and Continue Reading

The Best Coffee Shops in Tokyo

In our last video on grocery stores we talked about being coffee snobs and then Martina talked for 17 minutes about how much she loves coffee -That is totally not true. -That was not appropriate for the grocery video. -There’s no footage of that. But it is appropriate for today’s Continue Reading