How to program the amount of coffee and milk in the cup of Your De’ Longhi EC 860

program the amount of coffee and milk in the cup for cappuccino or milk the machine has been set by default to deliver standard amounts if wanting to amend these quantities proceed as follows place a cup under the spouts of the coffee spout and under the milks back tube Continue Reading

How to use the De’Longhi EC 860 Coffee Machine for the first time

appliance first use turn the appliance on by pressing the main switch at rear in position one the appliance performs a self-test signaled by the sequential flashing of the lights once the self-test is completed the hot water spout light flashes while the others turn off the appliance signals it Continue Reading

How to Set the Temperature of Your De’Longhi EC 860 Coffee Machine

setting the temperature if wanting to modify the water temperature with which coffee is delivered proceed as follows access the programming menu keep two cups button pressed until the lights relative to the wanted temperature turn on low temperature two lights turn on medium temperature four lights turn on high Continue Reading

How to Make a Cappuccino in Your De’Longhi EC 860 Coffee Machine

making cappuccino to avoid obtaining insufficiently frost milk or with large bubbles always clean the lid of the milk and the hot water nozzle remove the lid fill the milk container with a sufficient amount of milk not exceeding the maximum of 0.5 liters remember that every notch on the Continue Reading

How to set the cup warmer of Your De’Longhi EC 860 Coffee Machine

warmer cap the warmer cup can be switched on by pushing the relative button leave the cups on the appliance as long as they are warm this is useful to have warmer coffee important when the appliance turns to low-power function or standby the warmer cup is still on until Continue Reading