(upbeat rock music) – Let’s talk a little bit more about Titan Nutritions’ product Activ8. Activ8 is ideal for someone who wants a good focus and energy, but doesn’t want their heart rate up because they took a pre-workout. For this reason, Activ8 is also excellent for multi-event athletes. Activ8 Continue Reading

TOP 10 Best Foods That Can Give You More Energy

Hi everyone! How are you? Welcome to the Hi Fitness Bye Weakness channel! Today I’m gonna show you 10 Best Foods That Can Give You More Energy. So stay tuned guys because in a moment, you will receive a quick dose of incredibly useful knowledge. Many people feel tired or Continue Reading

What is Caffeine? and What Effects Does it Hold?

Lots of foods and drinks in our everyday lives contain caffeine. It’s a drug that can be used to help you perform better in training and racing, if used correctly of course. Caffeine is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular and commonly consumed drugs. When we think Continue Reading

Does Coke Have The Best Energy Drink?

Hello everyone, this is Energy Crisis: The Energy Drink Report! Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching! This is Energy Crisis: Energy Drink Report – The energy drink review series. Yes, I know the ever so, the ever so rare energy drink reviews, but here we are. I figured Continue Reading

What Happens to Your Body if you Drink Ceylon tea Everyday

What Happens to Your Body if you Drink Ceylon tea Everyday There are many health benefits of Ceylon tea, such as preventing kidney stones, moderating symptoms of diabetes, improving the appearance of the skin, strengthening the immune system, boosting energy levels, improving heart health, protecting against Chronic diseases and help Continue Reading

How To Break Caffeine Addiction

Kick Caffeine Addiction For Energy And Health hey my friend health guru Mike here with a quick video on how to break caffeine addiction now breaking caffeine addiction it’s definitely in your best interest and I’ll cover why that is just very quickly but then in the meat of this Continue Reading

WTF: Caffeinated Breath Mints by Viter Energy & 6-Pack Giveaway | FreakEating Weird Foods

it’s tuesday what the Freak are you eating? what’s up everybody welcome to a special episode of WTF what the Freak and sitting on the dock I have something special fighter energy actually caffeinated breath minutes now I love miss so down to see what this is going to be Continue Reading


Master Google says: “constiveness”, so I’ll give you these and another cough syrup, it’s so delicious, I sometimes use it without having anything. You know what? Just take both and try which one’s better. And the other one goes as A GIFT. Oh, you want another package for your son? Continue Reading

POTASSIUM: The MOST Important Electrolyte – MUST WATCH!

Hey, guys, Dr. Berg here. I want to do a video on the most important electrolyte. Let me explain what electrolyte is. If you ever take salt and put it in water and dissolve it, it disassociates. The sodium and chloride disconnect and they become two separate minerals. That fluid Continue Reading

#GIZworks Kenya: Energy efficiency in the tea sector

In Kenya, 2.5 million people rely on tea production for their livelihood. Being located at the equator tea can only be grown at high altitudes around the country as it requires cool temperatures. If temperatures rise by two degrees due to climate change in, let’s say, 50 years there might Continue Reading