Former Butler To The Royal Family Schools Kelly On Tea Time | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– My next guest knows all too well what it’s like to work for the Royal household. He’s the former royal butler to His Royal Highness, Prince Charles and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall. Please welcome Mr. Grant Harold, y’all. (applause) – [Kelly] I mean, what was it like when Continue Reading

The story behind the Boston Tea Party – Ben Labaree

Translator: Andrea McDonough Reviewer: Bedirhan Cinar You’ve probably heard of the Boston Tea Party, something about a bunch of angry colonists dressed as Native Americans throwing chests of tea into the water. But the story is far more complicated, filled with imperial intrigue, corporate crisis, smuggling, and the grassroots origins Continue Reading

Learn British English for Free with Audio Book: Tea-Table Talk by Jerome K. Jerome

Tea-Table Talk by Jerome K. Jerome Chapter I “They are very pretty, some of them,” said the Woman of the World; “not the sort of letters I should have written myself.” “I should like to see a love-letter of yours,” interrupted the Minor Poet. “It is very kind of you Continue Reading

£21.50 Vs. £144 Afternoon Tea

– Oh! – Repeat the correct version of the word scones or scones. – Scones. (bell) – Yes. – It’s scones. – [ Rich] Three won. It’s 9:25 and we’re off for afternoon tea. Worth It, the show where we try three different foods at drastically different price points to Continue Reading

English Food – Cream Tea CORNWALL VS DEVON! + Minack Theater – Cornwall, England

Good morning, adventurers Yesterday we got in kind of late here at the YHA and we stayed in this awesome yurt We are in the Lands End area of Cornwall. Which is literally the land’s end. The ocean’s right there. it’s like Southwest end of England and This was all Continue Reading

England’s 88-Year-Old Tea Boy Loves His Job

– [Host] Let’s talk about football. – [Co-Host] Blue, 42. This football, right? – [Host] No, today, we’re talking about this football. – [Co-Host] Soccer? – [Host] No, it’s football. You have the players, the managers, and the tea. – [Co-Host] The tea? – [Host] Mr. Parish, please explain. – Continue Reading

How Tea Time Came to England

– [Narrator] Nothing says Britain more than… Nope. Nope. Keep going. Ah, yes, there it is. A nice cup of tea. (bright music) We know we have China to thank for introducing tea to the Western world. But how did it make its way to England and become the cultural Continue Reading

How to Make a Cup of Tea – The Victorian Way

Oh, hello. I think I’m just about ready for a cup of tea. Everyone here at Audley End House likes a good cup of tea. Lady Braybrooke makes hers herself in the house with her own urn. She, I’m told, has it very weak. And she has it made from Continue Reading

70p Tea Vs. £80 Tea

– You know when you get that first sip in? Almost clogs your heart, oh yeah. – Welcome to Worth It, f**k me. – Can one of you clap? – Worth It UK. The show where we test three different things at three drastically different price points, to determine which Continue Reading

BRITISH FOOD | 4 British Foods You MUST EAT in LONDON, ENGLAND | Pie, Mash + Liquor, Fry Up…

today we’re in London and we’re here to eat we can’t wait to show you some of the best food this city has to offer if you love to eat London’s food scene will be right up your alley the city’s food culture has a fascinating history and there is Continue Reading