How to Make A Christmas Cake – The Victorian Way

Come on Mary-Anne, when you’ve finished those you’ve got all these to do as well. Good morning. Today, we’re making Lord and Lady Braybrooke’s Christmas cake. I’m using one of my favourite plum cake recipes. It’s got a lot of dried cherries in it. For this recipe you will need Continue Reading

Rooibos Tea or Red Bush Tea, caffeine-free South African herbal tea | Andrew’s Tasting Notes

– So this is Rooibos or Redbush, or Bush tea or Redbush tea. And people pronounce Rooibos lots of different ways but that’s how I say it. And here it is. And it comes from a plant that looks a bit like a gorse bush, that grows on the Cape Continue Reading

Best Tea For Revision? What Teas are Good For Studying? Can Tea Keep Me Mentally Stimulated? Tea Q&A

– Kay Hallsworth asks: I’m doing a lot of studying at the moment, and what tea would be good for keeping me mentally stimulated? Okay, well This is a great question. I’m sure, at the moment, there’s lots of students who are preparing for their exams. And I’m sure there’s Continue Reading

Cocoa: Food of the Gods | Simon Waslander | TEDxUniversityofGroningen

Translator: Emma Gon Reviewer: Denise RQ Now, let’s try to imagine something extraordinary. Let’s try to imagine a society without heart disease, where someone who is 80 years old has the same blood pressure as someone who is 20; where there is no heart attacks, no strokes. What would a Continue Reading

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone – [PV] “Dear cocoa girls” (Cheerleader ver.) (Rom/Eng Subs)

Yahoo~ the sweats are sparkling Yahoo~ on your face Please bring me to a place that’s hotter than here I got my swimsuit just right here Lucky~ although it’s too sudden Lucky~ but it is allowed Because it’s too hot, so now we’re welcoming joy “Dear cocoa girls” Music: Kosaki Continue Reading

For Tea Drinkers, Gun owners, Cat lovers, English People :D

Hello, everyone, this is Random Val, and ok, this is a english speaking video! So I was looking for youtube analytics. And i saw that i had viewers from the united states and the united kingdom And, well, I say to myself, why do not I make a video speaking Continue Reading

Cafe Owners: Should You Use Leaf Tea or Tea Bags?

– The question is should a cafe serve loose-leaf tea or tea bags. Some of you may be old enough to remember the days when virtually every cafe served loose-leaf tea in a tea pot. Even a builder’s type caf or a trucker’s caf, you would go and queue up Continue Reading

বনগাঁর স্পেশাল চা…!!! Most Famous Tea Stall in Bongaon

Good morning! Bongaon So today we are going for a small ride to show you a famous thing of Bongaon Which is ‘Cha cha chayer dokan'(Cha cha tea stall) The tea stall is so famous that there is no youth of Bongaon who doesn’t gather there at evening So lets Continue Reading

Pizza Nights, Egg Bajji’s and Saffron Tea – Vlog 08

Hello Everyone welcome back hope you all are doing great we had some light night going on in the city so we took time to enjoy the evening outside there were lot of streetfood sellers who were selling both English and Asian variety of food. it was interesting to see Continue Reading