The smell of coffee: 6 Minute English

Neil: Hello. Welcome to 6 Minute English, I’m Neil. Catherine: And I’m Catherine. Neil: Catherine, I’m going to start this programme with a quick test, just for you. Catherine: Ooo, I love tests! Neil: Complete this phrase: Wake up and smell the… Catherine: Coffee Neil! It’s coffee. I have to Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Use A Smart Phone | Ann Makosinski | TEDxTeen

Translator: Jennifer Rubio The last time that I used a flip phone was three hours and 24 minutes ago. This is my phone. It flips open like so. A lot of people might call this flip phone design, an “old phone,” as someone at the airport security called it. I Continue Reading

Johann Sebastian Bach – “Coffee Cantata” BWV 211 (English Subtitles)

Recitativo (Tenor) [Narrator] Keep quiet, don’t chatter and hear what’s going on now: here comes Herr Schlendrian with his daughter Liesgen he’s growling like a honey-bear hear for yourselves what she has done to him. Aria (Bass) [Schlendrian] Don’t we have with our children, a hundred thousand muddles ! Don’t Continue Reading

How to engrave a reusable coffee cup property marking tutorial

[ENGRAVING NOISE] Hello my name is Neil welcome back to the Happy Hut thanks for clicking clacking? on this video! Ttoday it’s a bit of a strange one I’m going to be engraving this reusable coffee cup with this reusable engraving tool I don’t know what you call it is Continue Reading

LIVE English Lesson – 14th January 2018 – Censorship – Shakespeare – Tea or Coffee? – Crime

Here are two words that many English speakers often use incorrectly the words are infer and imply first of all the word infer means to deduce or conclude something from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements to come to a conclusion based on what you felt was meant Continue Reading

JURA Z6 Modelyear 2015 – Cleaning the machine

Nettoyer appareil Ce film ne remplace pas le mode d’emploi imprimé. Avant tout, lisez et respectez impérativement les consignes de sécurité et les mises en garde afin d’éviter les risques. Attention ! Respectez également les indications apposées sur l’emballage du produit d’entretien. Nettoyer appareil Nettoyage Durée prévue 20 min – Continue Reading

Learn to talk about coffee shops in 6 minutes

English from BBC learning english hello I’m Catherine welcome to 6 minute English where we engage in some lively debate and discuss six stimulating items of vocabulary and let’s start here’s your cup of coffee Rob ah thanks but what took you so long Catherine oh sorry Rob I bumped Continue Reading

An Englishman Plays Risk – Foil Arms and Hog

Alright, game of Risk, who goes first? I believe it’s my turn. Alright I think I will invade… India! What? Again? You really wanna go through this again? Oh… Seriously? Not… Not there… You never change! He never changes! Eh…I’ll invade Ireland. Really. Again..yep. Good point Always the same with Continue Reading

HOW TO FIX FRANK GREEN SMARTCUP lid and clean inside

Hello I’m Neil thanks for clicking on this video – welcome back to the Happy Hut today I’m going to show you how to fix and put back together one of these it’s the Frank Green 12oz smart cup and I– it’s got the anti-spill lid I’m going to show Continue Reading