Airo Vision plus is an espresso machine with smartphones Wireless Charger

a brand new espresso machine and Wi-Fi charger mixture has been created by Italian firm Sevilla fo within the type of the arrow imaginative and prescient the corporate is a brand new startup within the espresso machine and has created a revolutionary espresso machine which is now accessible to again Continue Reading

How to Backflush an Espresso Machine – Part 1 of 2

Hi. My name is Jim Piccinich with 1st-Line Equipment and we’ll be going over on how to backflush an espresso machine. But, before we do that, there’s a reason why you want to backflush an espresso machine that is capable of backflushing – it’s because folks leave their coffee in Continue Reading

Inside Look: Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine by 1st-line Equipment

You’re watching a video presented by 1st-Line Equipment on a Pasquini Livietta T2 espresso machine. This video will go over some of the internals on this espresso machine. To remove the cover, you will see these two allen key screws, one on each side, over the top panel. We have Continue Reading

How to Backflush an Espresso Machine – Part 2 of 2

So, now we’ll remove the old coffee grinds from the portafilter. We want to remove this basket out of here. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to do with your fingers. So, what you do is, you take your blind filter insert. Insert it right between the lip and the filter Continue Reading