Coffee with Bob☕ someone to talk to☕

Well, good morning everybody, this is Bob from the prepper Bob Channel cheers to you I Want to thank you all for having coffee with me well yesterday we had some Some eggs together that was fun Yep, then we’ve got the dishes done yesterday was a day off for Continue Reading

[ENG] cafe vlog #9 카페 브이로그 | 카페 사장 with 카페 알바 |영상미|most popular cafe drinks in korea|ASMR|KOREAcafe

Milano Coffee – “I Grew Up Italian” –

Building an espresso blend… is like – creating a composition. And your palate is… basically your sound board. This is not North American espresso. This is original Italian espresso. As my mentor said to me, “Brian… forget about everything you know… I’m teaching you ‘Italian’ now.” I grew up in Continue Reading

How To Make Coffee with Star Anise. Recipe from My Cafe and JS Barista Training Center

– Hi guys! -Hello! -Kate, I’d like to make some recipes with spices, because we have a lot of recipes with spices in the game, My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. and I see that you already have something on the table. -Yes, a couple of things. -What are we going Continue Reading

How to Make French Press Coffee – Episode #70

(Gary V) I sold $650,000 in used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. (music) Morning snapadelphia! (music) Best way to start your day off with some theme songs from your favourite cartoon shows when you were a kid and some French press coffee. I know what Continue Reading

How to make an Espresso Martini with Onyx

Today I’m going to make you an Espresso Martini using our Onyx Coffee Platinum. Cool thing with this it’s just like Espresso-In-A-Bottle, except you just don’t get that acid that you get from a chilled down espresso shot. This, with our Cold Brewing Methods creates a nice natural sweetness from Continue Reading

Coffee wth Bob☕space heater 🔥 place☕

Well, good morning cheers to you It is 2:00 a.m It is 41 degrees here in Florida at least in my area of Florida. It’s 41 degrees The people at Florida that’s pretty darn cold, I feel like I should be out in the woods This kind of weather down Continue Reading

[ENG] cafe vlog #8 카페 브이로그 | 개인카페 알바와 사장의 일상|흑당 버블티|most popular cafe drinks in korea

TERHARU! Ngopi Di ke “Sunyi” an – Sunyi House Of Coffee and Hope [KOLING]

Okay, coffee lovers, this is the second coffee shop that I’ve been visited today. It is a very special coffee shop. From the name itself, it is Sunyi House of Coffee and Hope. Sunyi means quiet. Why it is called with Sunyi ? As people who are working here as Continue Reading

How to Make the Single Macchiatto : How to Choose Espresso Beans for a Single Macchiato

CLANCY ROSE: So, the first thing that I’m going to talk about is the first thing that goes into the drink, which is the beans that you’re going to use for the espresso, for the beverage. One of the most common misconceptions about espresso roast is that coffee is roasted Continue Reading