Sperm, skulls and scandal… the hidden history of coffee | BBC Ideas

Globally, over two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. In Britain alone, we need around 95 million cups to keep us going from dawn ’til dusk. But 450 years ago, Western Europe had barely even heard of it. Coffee’s roots lie in Ethiopia, where the wild plant grew. Continue Reading

What Has No Brain, 720 Sexes, And the Ability To Self-Heal?!

There’s a brand new organism on display at Le Parc Zoologique de Paris, one that just might win the title of strangest thing in a zoo EVER. Because it’s not an animal. It has no eyes, ears, mouth, or limbs, but it is mobile, it can communicate, it can heal Continue Reading

Your Brain On Caffeine | Inverse

– No, I just was like, just too riled up. The majority of Americans are addicted to caffeine. But have you ever wondered what exactly is going on in your body as you desperately grab for that cup of coffee in the morning? I’m Shannon, and I’m a neuroscience PhD Continue Reading

Der perfekte Siebträger Espresso – Ein Erklärfilm

When Good Beans Go Bad HD

Drinking coffee is serious business. The average American drinks three cups a day — that’s 587 million cups across the country. With so many of us drinking the stuff every day, how do we really know when we’re having a fresh cup? It all comes down to a bunch of Continue Reading

How Check Valves Brew Coffee And Launch Rockets – Check Valves Explained

How check valves brew coffee and launch rockets. Coffee is a fuel for many people. Thanks to a simple solution this fuel can be brewed easily and cheaply. Check valves are used to prevent the flow of liquids and gases in the opposite direction. As seen in my drip coffee Continue Reading

How “Bad” Coffee Took Over America – Cheddar Explains

I mean, like 90 percent of the coffee that’s consumed is bad coffee. Yeah. I don’t really love it which is the nice way of saying I hate it. Yeah, it’s bitter. Okay, bad. So my favorite cup of coffee is from the street cart right outside of my apartment. Continue Reading

How Do Drip Coffee Machines Work? – Making Coffee Explained

How do drip coffee machines work? When you fill up the reservoir with fresh, cold water… …it immediately flows down and levels out within the appliance. The tubing runs passed the heating element, which is responsible for both heating the plate the pot sits on,… …and heating the water. When Continue Reading