Senate Votes Against Witnesses in Trump’s Impeachment Trial

-Guys, I’m very excited about this. Super Bowl LIV is on Sunday. [ Cheering and applause ] So many exciting questions. Who will win? Who will lose? Most importantly, who will take the hint when the game’s over to leave my house? [ Laughter ] I’m actually having a big Continue Reading

Jerry Seinfeld Does Jimmy Fallon a Thanksgiving Favor (Cold Open)

-[ Exhales slowly ] [ Groans ] [ Sighs ] -Jimmy, what are you doing? -Jerry, I don’t know, man. I ate too much, dude. Oh, my gosh, I can’t do it. I can’t do the monologue. There’s no way. -You can’t do the monologue?! -I can’t do the monologue. Continue Reading

Ariana Grande Spills All the Tea About Her Album Title and Release

-How’s the album coming? Are we close to an album? -Yes. My album is coming this summer. -It is? [ Cheers and applause ] That’s big! -Yeah. -All right, tell me more, who’s producing? Who are you working with? -I worked with Pharrell and Max. -Nice! -And ILYA and Savan. Continue Reading