SoDa siblings burst out crying! What’s going on? [The Return of Superman / 2017.02.12]

Soeul, try touching it. (Surprised) (Here comes snow.) (Soeul and Daeul are having fun with snow.) (Happy) Epe will get wet. (Bumsoo is making sleds.) Let’s start, Soeul and Daeul. Watch out for stones. – Watch out for stones. / – Okay. I think that’s where we can sled. This Continue Reading

Florida Travel: Welcome to Cocoa Beach: Surfing on the Space Coast

(waves crashing gently) – [Todd] Here in Cocoa Beach it’s a great place to learn how to surf. – It’s perfect for any beginner, into advanced surfer, we have all different types of waves. – There’s no rocks, reefs, so it’s a shallow sand bar where a lot of times Continue Reading

Robbie Berry reading “The Force”

The Force by Robbie Berry Our house is charming, sweet, cozy and any other filler words you would find on a listing for a one thousand and forty square feet Neo Victorian, built in the late eighteen hundreds for rail station workers. Just a five-minute walk to the train that Continue Reading

Florida Travel: Visit Cocoa Beach on Florida’s Space Coast

(upbeat instrumental music) – And today we’re heading to beautiful Cocoa Beach. (upbeat instrumental music) Cocoa Beach is just an hour’s drive east of Orlando on Florida’s beautiful Space Coast. It is also one of the most affordable spots here in all Florida. (upbeat instrumental music) Ron Jon’s Surf Shop Continue Reading

Color Orange | Learn Colors ~ Tea Time with Tayla!

Hey, Bananas! Leonard & I were just in the kitchen, and he picked out his favorite vegetable: Carrots! And I picked out one of my favorite fruits: Clementines. Hey! Carrots and clementines are both ORANGE! O, R, A, N, G, E. That spells “orange”! [Boom] What’s that? A volcano! [Screaming] Continue Reading

Colosseum Tour & Roman Forum

Parents Go on a Bizarre Date at a Cat Cafe | Kids Plan | HiHo Kids

– Time to bring mom in. – Wait who’s mom? – Mom? – Nope, not on my side. Not on my side! (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Elle Mills, and I’m a youtuber. Food fight! (children laughing) Welcome to Kids Plan. Where parents allow their kids to come up with Continue Reading

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Mobile Phones, Landlines & Love.

The landline. The landline is super fun. I really miss the landline. But, the best thing about the landline is you can look like you’re thinking when you’re using the landline. Like when you’ve to lie, it’s very dramatic. You’re like, “Hey, man. “Kenny can you come for the show Continue Reading

Disney Princess Rapunzel Make up, hair styling and Dress up for Tea Party

🌷🌹Coloring Art Tables🌹🌷 Hello, princess. May I help you? OK🐶 Let’s get started! Thank you for watching! See you later. Bye-bye💓

Cocoa and Strawberry Trifle

Kids parties are traditionally laden with unhealthy food. You don’t need to be the fun police, but with a few simple swaps, you can make really delicious options that still taste like treats. I love a trifle. All those delicious layers to dig into. But traditionally, they are epically full Continue Reading