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r/BoneAppleTea BEST Of ALL TIME Reddit Posts!

So, before we get into this video, let me just show you this random clip that I did after a recording session I did- like, last week. *Ok Music* Okay, Ty I can make it 7 feet tall- *giggles* it’s gonna be $130 ,Ty! Maximum overall size- I can, I Continue Reading

Making espresso for the first time – La Specialista EC 9335.M

Let’s place some fresh coffee beans into the hopper. I’m using a nice medium roast. Remember, never remove the container while there are beans inside. Here, I’m going to set the dial for two espresso’s. You can do the same for a single dose too. The filters have a line Continue Reading

Milk first or last? The correct method for hot tea. (GONE MATHEMATICAL)

I’m going to answer the question that has plagued humankind for millennia. If you’re making a cup of tea Should you put the milk in straightaway? Or should you wait and add the milk at the absolute very last second? Now some people will try and convince you that of Continue Reading

Kids Try Coffee For The First Time

(child grunts) (light music) – When my parents are making me breakfast, they like make a lot of coffee, a lot. Becaus they’re parents. – Yeah, I once had it from my dad. I drunk it, I was like, “Hmm, do I like this?” – Coffee stops you from growing. Continue Reading

“Everyone’s Racist Sometimes” | Romesh Chats To James Acaster

Netflix recommended you to me today. Oh, really? Got an e-mail. “Got a documentary for you to watch.” I was like, “Oh, a documentary? I can… Oh, no. “Not going to learn anything from that. What were you like as a kid? As a kid? I think everyone’s naive as Continue Reading

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