Malgudi Coffee Shop Mysore | CAFE WITH A CAUSE | Mysore Filter Coffee| Lemon Drizzle| Chocolate Cake

It’s quite buttery and then its got the citrusy edge of the lemon. Mmmh. You know, it’s the sort of chocolate cake… … that a very good home chef would bake. It’s raining here in Mysuru and we are here at the 105-year-old Chittaranjan Princess Palace… … which now houses Continue Reading

We Tried Everything at Playmade Bubble Tea | Eatbook Tries Everything | EP 1

So, hi Chris! Hi! Bubble tea brands. You know what’s the newest in bubble tea? The cheese tea what, no? The cheese tea? There’s a newer trend in Singapore right now. No, there isn’t. There is! This new Taiwanese brand that just landed in Singapore, And they sell flavoured pearls. Continue Reading

McDonald’s® | Cold Brew Frozen Coffee | Food Review! ☕🥤❄️

welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty so the heat wave continues here in Southern Cali and I’m here at McDonald’s right now to try and make it a little bit more bearable by going in there all new cold brew frozen coffee just looking at Continue Reading

GOTR Mysuru Update 2| Tegu Mess, Gayathri Tiffin Room, Mysore Pak At Guru Sweets, Malgudi Coffee

Hi folks, welcome to another Gourmet On The Road Update or a GOTR Update. And we’re still in Mysuru, and I’m in La Uppu, the all-day dining restaurant at the Grand Mercure, Mysore. This has been our base over the last few days… … and we’ve been enjoying our stay Continue Reading

Dunkin’® | PEEPS® Cold Brew 🐤☕ | PEEPS® Donut 🐤🍩 | Peep THIS Out!

welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty Dunkin’ celebrate spring with two appropriately themed items that may just remind you what YouTube channel you’re watching right now that’s right you already know it’s the peeps marshmallow flavored coffee and the peeps donut obviously I had to Continue Reading

Gourmet On The Road Update | Brahmins’ Coffee Bar | How Did We Plan The Dosa Trail: Viewer Query

Hi folks. Welcome to another GOTR or Gourmet On The Road update and we are at… … Brahmins’ Coffee Bar. You know, I’ve been 20 years in this city and this is my first visit here. And in a manner of speaking I’m embarrassed for actually not making it here Continue Reading