Why do we get Food Cravings? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Why do we get Food Cravings? Who says so? I am always on a strict diet. Oh AumSum!! Firstly, craving for chocolates is an indication of. Low levels of magnesium in our body. Secondly, we crave for cheese because. It contains an amino acid called tryptophan. Which Continue Reading

“Vancouver on a budget” by Angel – EF Guest Vlog

Hey guys! My name is Angel. I’m a content creator from Vancouver, Canada. Today I’m going to be guest vlogging for the EF channel, showing you guys how to live on a budget in an expensive city like Vancouver. If you’re planning to study at the EF school in Vancouver, Continue Reading

Moringa Monday Podcast 01 – Jason Rashidnia

we’re we’re also audio audio is good right here your voice carries yeah I got a deep voice great welcome we’re having our Moringa Monday shake we had put some Moringa powder and our smoothies yeah we have mmm a lot of bananas which is great that’s delicious mmm good Continue Reading

4-Ingredient Hot Cocoa Food Gift

[ MUSIC ] Look at these gorgeous gifts. You know, I love a do it yourself food gift. They’re super fun to make. So delicious to give. Yes. I love them and you know what, you can fill them with practically anything. We have nut mix in this one. Love Continue Reading

Double Chicken Tea – Ultimate Chicken Broth – Food Wishes

– Hello, this is Chef John from foodwishes.com with double chicken tea. That’s right, all this time you’ve been drinking tea made of dried twigs and leaves, while you could have been drinking a tea made out of bones and meat, which is exactly what I’m going to show you Continue Reading

Introducing Luigi Taglienti, chef of avant-garde restaurant Lume in Milan

Lume represents who I am, quintessentially, therefore so too does my cuisine, which is the expression of what I’ve inherited and what I’m allowed to express in a contemporary way whilst evolving. Well, all these awards are the result of years of hard work from a great team even before Continue Reading

Healthy Breakfast Muesli | #10HealthyMeals | Anna Jones

Hi Food Tube, I’m Anna Jones and I’m going to show you how to make one of my favourite ever breakfasts. It’s bircher muesli, this is a dairy free breakfast, and it’s warming and delicious and exactly what you need to get you going for the day. For this I’m Continue Reading

Marjaisa Pavlova / Berry Pavlova RECIPE (eng / fin)

I have 4 eggwhites here whisk them into a soft foam now that it’s foamy if you turn the bowl around the foam won’t fall off of it add half of the sugar mix potato starch to rest of the sugar and add the mixture to the foam add lemon/lime Continue Reading

How to Make A Christmas Cake – The Victorian Way

Come on Mary-Anne, when you’ve finished those you’ve got all these to do as well. Good morning. Today, we’re making Lord and Lady Braybrooke’s Christmas cake. I’m using one of my favourite plum cake recipes. It’s got a lot of dried cherries in it. For this recipe you will need Continue Reading