ИДЕАЛЬНО К ЧАЮ – тыквенные бублики. Простой рецепт

170 milliliters of warm water half a teaspoon of salt 40 grams of sugar 1 egg 1.5 teaspoons of yeast 40 grams of butter 500 grams of flour 1 tablespoon of oil Put in a warm place for 1 hour 200 grams of pumpkin Put in a warm place for Continue Reading

5 Cool Coffee Mugs

– Welcome to another awesome stuff to buy video. Today, we’re gonna be countin’ down the five coolest coffee mugs. First up on the list is the I Miss Drugs mug. Come on. Who doesn’t remember the good old days and now they have to settle for coffee? Second on Continue Reading

Zinus Mattress Review – Affordable Comfort? (2019 Update)

Joe: Hello, everyone. My name is Joe. I’m from Mattress Clarity. Welcome. Today I’m going to be talking about the Zinus cooling gel mattress. I’m going to be telling you everything you need to know about this mattress — the pros, the cons, run through the construction telling you who’s Continue Reading

How to Make the Single Macchiatto : How to Choose Espresso Beans for a Single Macchiato

CLANCY ROSE: So, the first thing that I’m going to talk about is the first thing that goes into the drink, which is the beans that you’re going to use for the espresso, for the beverage. One of the most common misconceptions about espresso roast is that coffee is roasted Continue Reading

Indian Mamma’s Saturday Evening Tea and Onion Bonda Time Routine (just 5 minutes)

Welcome to Mamma’s Practice Gram Flour/Besan/ Kadalai Mavu – 200 gm(Serves 4) Onion 2 Big sliced length wise green chillies paste 1tbp, salt as per taste, baking soda a pinch, coriander leaves one hand full Water for mixing oil for deep frying Mix all the ingredients together pouring water little Continue Reading

अपने पति से 🍵चाय बनवाये, couple kitty में | Tea Cup Game for all Parties | English Subtitles |

Hello Friends I, Anu Singhal, bring before you a very interesting couple game But before starting, a small question Has your husband ever made TEA for you If NO, then definitely play this game so that he can learn to prepare tea and will roll out laughing For this game, Continue Reading

How to Brew Coffee in an Aeropress || AeroPress Inverted Method

How Do You Do coffee in 3 minutes Freshly ground coffee is best 2 tablespoons Use a coarse grind Fill partially with hot water Mix to let coffee steep and extract goodness Now fill the cylinder to the top Pre-soaking filter helps avoid a “papery” taste Let water sit for Continue Reading