A DAY IN STRASBOURG (Bean Boozled challenge with the fam’) – Epful

We are preparing to go to… STRASBOURG! (trying with an English accent) Strasbourg (French accent) Hiiii Big sis: Here, in Strasbourg they have “boat lessons” for PE classes! Lil bro: Hi! Me: What can you say about Strasbourg? – It’s very beautiful – “Berrry“ – Very stressful – Huh?!? – Continue Reading

Nespresso Vertuo: How To – Cup Size Programming

This tutorial will explain you how you can program the cup size according to your tastes. The programming is specific to each capsule size, Mug, Gran Lungo or Espresso. Cup sizes can be reprogrammed from 10 ml to 500 ml. Open the machine head by pressing the lever upwards; Insert Continue Reading

How To Make Cold Coffee | Recipe Of Cold Coffee | Mazagran Sweetened Coffee

Hello friends I am Nalini Malkani Welcome to my cooking show Nalini Ki Rasoi Today I am going to prepare Cold Coffee Please don’t forget to press the Subscribe and Bell Icon button So that you get instant notifications of all my upcoming and new recipes Let’s see the ingredients Continue Reading

10 Strangest Coffee Drinks you won’t believe actually exist!

Baboon TV Presents 10 Weird Coffee Drinks Number One: espresso and beer Houndstooth in Austin, Texas wants you to hang out for a while, which is why they created Coffee Beer Repeat, which consists of two shots of espresso and two pints of beer. You can get them in any Continue Reading

Nespresso Vertuo: How To – Coffee Preparation

This tutorial will guide you through the everyday use of your machine and show you how to prepare delicious Nespresso coffees. This machine operates with Nespresso Vertuo capsules. Nespresso classic capsules cannot be used in this machine. Ensure previous capsule has been ejected before inserting a new one. The recommended Continue Reading

Coffee | American Kids Try Food from Around the World – Ep 7 | Kids Try | Cut

I think this is from the place you’re a bunch of adults are crazy on coffee, and that will be called Asia. My gosh, I’m not used to drinking fancy drinks like this. Hmm, I’m scared. (Alight, in five seconds take a sip?) I’ll take a puggly any war It’s Continue Reading