My First yarn haul from a seller on Etsy | Yarn Unboxing | Bag O Day Crochet Subtitles Available

hi everybody it’s crystal so today I have an unboxing for you so I had some people say that they can’t hear me very well anymore on my unboxings or when I’m facing the camera like this livestreams or whatever so I’m gonna try to speak louder and i do Continue Reading

Dairy Free Hot Cocoa Mix, ~ Gift in a Jar ~ The Holidays are Coming ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Moringa Monday Podcast 01 – Jason Rashidnia

we’re we’re also audio audio is good right here your voice carries yeah I got a deep voice great welcome we’re having our Moringa Monday shake we had put some Moringa powder and our smoothies yeah we have mmm a lot of bananas which is great that’s delicious mmm good Continue Reading

UQx META101x Necessary caffeine

ALEX Ah, a good coffee is necessary for a good day. DAVE Ah, so you’re saying that until you’ve had your coffee, you can’t have a good day? ALEX That’s a little extreme. I’ve had plenty of good days without coffee. I’m just saying that any day where I have Continue Reading

Cutting Caffeine Would Do This To Your Body

10 health benefits of living caffeine free is there anything better than a cup of coffee in the morning for some the answer is yes but most people can’t function in the morning without their cup of joe as a society we kind of have an addiction to caffeine according Continue Reading

Elizabeth Banks Reveals Her Free Hot Cocoa Scam When Skiing

-Before we get into the interview, I just want to give a quick shout-out to your dad. -Yes! It’s his 70th birthday. -Happy birthday, Dad! Hey! -Happy birthday, Daddy! [ Cheers, applause ] -He looks good. He looks fantastic. I love it. -I love it. -Is he the one that Continue Reading

Drug-Free ADHD Treatment Options : Controlling Caffeine & Sugar in ADHD

I wanted to take some time in this series of videos to talk about controlling ones caffeine intake. And the concept of refined sugar is actually being a drug in itself. Caffeine is not only a popular drug with the population as a whole, especially is. We here in America Continue Reading

Enlight Videoleap: How to Get Creative with your Coffee

Add some magic to your morning routine! Tap plus to add a clip of a cup. Tap Mixer. Add a scene to fit into your cup. Resize and reposition the clip. Tap Mask and select Rectangle. Drag out the left corner to create an oval shape. Play with size to Continue Reading

Fly With Yaya – Seni Upacara Minum Teh! / Japanese Tea Ceremony (ENG/JP captions)

Wow! This smells amazing! Hi, guys! Today I’m gonna learn about a very interesting cultural tradition in Japan. Want to know what it is? Let’s Fly With Yaya! Welcome to our tea ceremony room. Please come in. Whoa! This is such a gorgeous room! I’m about to try out the Continue Reading

Blooming Tea Pot Cozy

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And it’s time for a new teapot cozy, and I have quite an unusual pattern to share with you today. I’ve designed this teapot cozy to look like a blooming flower, so you’re going to need a couple pattern pieces. And both of Continue Reading