Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today, as you know, it’s the holiday season! So we’re gonna be making something holiday themed, something to keep up warm! We’re gonna be making some hot cocoa! And, for the first on Nerdy Nummies, we’re gonna be making those cute Continue Reading

Color Orange | Learn Colors ~ Tea Time with Tayla!

Hey, Bananas! Leonard & I were just in the kitchen, and he picked out his favorite vegetable: Carrots! And I picked out one of my favorite fruits: Clementines. Hey! Carrots and clementines are both ORANGE! O, R, A, N, G, E. That spells “orange”! [Boom] What’s that? A volcano! [Screaming] Continue Reading

Parents Go on a Bizarre Date at a Cat Cafe | Kids Plan | HiHo Kids

– Time to bring mom in. – Wait who’s mom? – Mom? – Nope, not on my side. Not on my side! (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Elle Mills, and I’m a youtuber. Food fight! (children laughing) Welcome to Kids Plan. Where parents allow their kids to come up with Continue Reading


Oh man, looks like my can of coke has run dry. Hey! Where’d that thing come from? Yes! That coke is mine! Or is it? The battle’s on – let’s duke it out! Oh boy, this got ugly really fast. When it comes to a cold delicious beverage, all bets Continue Reading

Visiting a Bedouin Home to drink coffee, tea and eat bread inside of the tent in Jordan (بَدَوِي)

Background music. So this morning we are doing something called the Bedouin experience which means we are visiting a village with a local Bedouin and he’s just showing us around some of the things his family do. Like how they make coffee, how they take care of their goats. We’re Continue Reading

Marjaisa Pavlova / Berry Pavlova RECIPE (eng / fin)

I have 4 eggwhites here whisk them into a soft foam now that it’s foamy if you turn the bowl around the foam won’t fall off of it add half of the sugar mix potato starch to rest of the sugar and add the mixture to the foam add lemon/lime Continue Reading

Knotts Berry Farm Summer Nights Television Commercial (2019)

This Summer, there’s only one place that’s bursting with adventures you’ll not find any place else. Where you can join in on a heart racing bank heist. The only place you could ever taste anything like this. Then feel butterflies on California’s first and only dive coaster. And then find Continue Reading


Hello! This is Riku from Riku Doing Stuff and Being Annoying. Today we’re going to taste some coffees. This is porridge. It’s morning. I haven’t had my morning coffee. Yet. This is – your name is? Carl. Yep. And your profession is? Good question. Barista. Coffee. Barista. We are today Continue Reading