The Brew – Deconstructing Coffee | How to Make Everything: Coffee

I know basically nothing about coffee when I go into a coffee shop most times I have no idea what I’m ordering let me change that so in these three episodes I’m breaking down learning the three most important aspects of making that perfect cup of coffee the bean the Continue Reading

Kids’ First Time Drinking Coffee | Kid’s First Time | HiHo Kids

(slurping) – It’s not good. (intense upbeat music) – Um, say “hello”. That is definitely not what- (laughter) – They clean the house. – Drive cars. – Coffee? – Ew. Ew, ew, ew, ew. – But it’s too heavy. – (intense upbeat music) – Ew, ew, ew. Ew. (roars) (blagh) Continue Reading

The Economics and Ethics of Coffee

At this point I’ve pretty much explored almost every aspect of coffee, but there’s still one last aspect I wanted to explore as a final wrap up to our series. In our usual quest to…basically force myself to learn to appreciate everyday items, I traveled all the way to Mexico Continue Reading

DIY – pallet coffee table | NO power tools 💪

raklap dohányzóasztal amire szükséged lesz: raklapok, fűrész, kalapács, szögek, csiszolópapír, lazúr festék, bútorgörgők, csavarok, kapupánt csavarok vagy faragasztó ‘A’ raklap – teteje a dohányzóasztalnak a hagyományos méretű raklap túl nagy lett volna a nappalinkba, ezért az ‘A’ raklapot ketté fűrészeltük ‘B’ raklapról szükséged lesz a lécekre, azért, hogy az asztalod Continue Reading

The Bean – Deconstructing Coffee | How To Make Everything: Coffee

I know basically nothing about coffee when I go to a coffee shop most times I have no idea what I’m ordered so I’m gonna change that and then next to the episodes I’m breaking down aligning the three most important aspects and making the perfect cup of coffee the Continue Reading

Affordable vs High End – Complete Indian Bridal Makeup Kit For Beginners | #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

Get ready fast we are getting late I think it has got expired let it be lets apply it are you crazy!! do you ever take expired medicines!! No why? it causes reaction and what if reaction occurred on face but Makeup is so expensive do we buy it daily Continue Reading

Visiting a Korean Coffee House (Ann House aka ‘Doll House Cafe’ in Pyeongtaek, Korea)

No street for us today. We are having a little date at Ann’s coffee house. Not girly at all. Ann’s House. Today we are having dessert at Ann’s House and we have our private little booth that is very flowery and girly. Did you notice the flowers on the couch? Continue Reading


Good morning guys! I’m in Salento, Colombia and I haven’t had coffee yet this morning but that doesn’t matter because I am on my way to see a coffee plantation! If you follow me on Instagram, do you remember my Instagram Story about Lulu? Yes the dog! She followed us Continue Reading

What’s inside a Self Stirring Mug?

(robotic stirring) – Yep, that’s right, I’m Lincoln, this is Dan and today we’re gonna cut open a self stirring mug. – We were in Japan, on our Gold Play Button trip and I looked on Amazon, and we were like on Amazon Japan and this thing popped up as Continue Reading