Atomy Toothpaste Ingredients Water Soluable Propolis and Green Tea Extract

Atomy Toothpaste Ingredients Water Soluable Propolis and Green Tea Extract

How To Instantly Chill Any Drink!

What’s up guys, Lew here back with another video. And today- This might be The most exciting thing I’ve brought you in a while This right here is a little appliance that is gonna chill any beverage, carbonated or otherwise in one minute. Chill a beverage in one minute I Continue Reading

Atomy Organic Green Tea

Atomy Organic Green Tea

$15 Tea Kettle Vs. $1500 Tea Machine

Today we’re going to get cultured *Sitting up in the chair* Is that a thing you can do, can you get cultured? I’m gonna EXPOSE you to a culture you might not be aware of That is the TEA CULTURE . (I don’t know) I’m not gonna do it by Continue Reading

Morning Coffee. | Future Bass Mix Vol. 1

Hyper Potions – Surf Synthion – Cake Pop Dark Cat – Crazy Milk Kankitsu – Magic Motion Killabyte – Our Story Shindig – Hiccup Kotori & Synthion – Omurice Xypc – Soft Serve Daft Punk – Something About Us (Krys Talk Remix) Virtual Riot – Flutter (Feat. Madi) WRLD – Continue Reading

Atomy Cafe Arabica Coffee Mix

Atomy Cafe Arabica

Nespresso Pure Origins Colombia: The selection

This is the final step before the coffee beans leave for Europe. Unroasted coffee beans are sensitive to smells and humidity. That is why they must be stored with great care. See how clean this place is! The coffee is first checked for taste, a process we call ‘cupping’. The Continue Reading

People Try Solid Coffee For A Week

– Well I’m ready to go, I’ve eaten my coffee cube. Wouldn’t be ready this early if I was, a, just, a, drinkin liquid like some kind a sucker. – Most days I will have two cups of coffee a day. The smell of coffee also makes me feel better. Continue Reading