TSL Plays: Reverse Charades

– Rapunzel! No, no… that… freak! – Cinderella. That one! The curly curly orange hair! What’s her name?! Hi guys, welcome to another episode of TSL Plays. Today, we are playing Reverse Charades. Here are the rules. We are The Bloopers. Bloop bloop bloop bloop. We are the humans in Continue Reading

If Video Game Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (Playstation X-Box Gamer Video Games Parody)

hi I’m Roger and I’d like to offer you a respite from your life do you like video games or failing that are you psychologically addicted to video games because we manufactured them with built-in reward systems designed to activate the pleasure centers in your brains great then you’ll love Continue Reading

24 Hours inside a DOLLHOUSE Escape Room in Real Life! (Game Master vs Quadrant Battle Royale)

– Is that a camera? RZ Twin wanted to trap me for the event this might be part of their plan. What do you guys want with us? – [Daniel] They’re coming, they’re coming, they’re coming! – [Rebecca] It’s locked! Check that one! Oh my gosh! We just have to Continue Reading

Coffee mug with a basketball hoop!

Bring a game of hoops to the table with the Basketball Mug, a 16-ounce cup with an integrated basketball hoop. Lob marshmallows into your hot cocoa. Launch crackers into soup, or layup some toppings at the buzzer before your ice cream melts. Grab a second mug, and challenge a friend Continue Reading

Upside Down Glasses Challenge

Today we’re putting on these glasses that turn everything upside down and playing some games. Let’s do that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. If you paid a little bit of attention in biology class, you probably know how the eyeball works. It sees something and then the lens Continue Reading

Can We Make A Dish Without Knowing The Ingredients?

I will never get anything over and over what is this cry today Rhea and I are gonna be playing a little game Rhea has to cook a dish but she has no idea what that dish is I have to give her instructions using these recipe cards but here’s Continue Reading

WOWEscape WOW – Dating At Coffee Shop Walkthrough 2019

WOWEscape WOW – Dating At Coffee Shop Walkthrough 2019

David Nutter on Maisie William’s ‘GOT’ Sex Scene, The Coffee Cup, & Lying to Obama | Close Up

(upbeat introductory music) – With social media, you can get sort of instant reviews of your projects, I think, once they go out to the world. The Arya Stark sex scene was sort of a big discussion once that episode aired. Are you surprised when a moment like that becomes Continue Reading

Don’t Spill Your Coffee

*Intro* Welcome back to another episode of Ethan is better at video games than Hila Oh really? Today we got a cute little game called “Don’t Spill Your Coffee” and once again, Hila comes talking crazy shit likes talking about that she’s gonna slam me. Well, I like my coffee Continue Reading

Ridiculous Coffee Shop Names (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (roaring) (wheel clicking) – [Both] Random disturbing fact. – So close to charity, but instead. (chuckling) Instead you get this. – Sorry, charity. Random disturbing fact. We always want to learn new things, so here’s a random disturbing fact. Barbie and Ken are related! Yup, it’s true! – Continue Reading