– What’s up, guys? Welcome to our last full day here in Florida. We have taken our Uber, an hour away, to Cocoa Beach and we just found the beach and so we’re getting ready to walk, get our toes in the sand. – I was going to say, put Continue Reading

How Much CAFFEINE KILLS?? .. and more: DONG!

Vsauce. Are you still paying money for things you have to wait to do in real life? Well, no worries, because I’ve got more free stuff you can do online now, guys. DONG. Lots of great suggestions from WeSaucers today. First from ‘fippoolive’, Google search. Why be all floaty when Continue Reading

RWBY Chibi, Episode 23 – A Slip Through Time and Space | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi! Neptune: Huh? [sniffing] Neptune: Hm? Wait! Sun: What? Neptune: My crime sense is going off. Sun: HERE?! Neptune: Ooh yeah. Neptune: Ooh it’s happenin’! Sun: Okay, okay, what is it? Sun: Who’s involved, what kind of homicide is it? Sun: Double? Triple? [Sun gasps] Sun (in a deeper Continue Reading

अपने पति से 🍵चाय बनवाये, couple kitty में | Tea Cup Game for all Parties | English Subtitles |

Hello Friends I, Anu Singhal, bring before you a very interesting couple game But before starting, a small question Has your husband ever made TEA for you If NO, then definitely play this game so that he can learn to prepare tea and will roll out laughing For this game, Continue Reading

A Pole Dancer and Possible Swinger Play ‘Spill the Tea’

Happy 11/11. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Did you all make a wish? Yes. Yeah? So my wish is to get to know a few people in my audience a whole lot better. And it’s about to come true, because it’s time to play Spill the Tea. It would not be Spill Continue Reading

RWBY Chibi FULL EPISODE: Season 3, Episode 9 – Tea Party | Rooster Teeth

What’s up, everyone! If you want some more cool animation, go check out Nomad of Nowhere. It’s on Yeah! Go do it! It’s got clapping. What else has it got? Uh… rocks… with faces. And? Uh, some people got guns. Do they sound like “pew-pew”? ..sure. Weiss, this tea Continue Reading

American Kids Try “More” Tea | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Close your eyes! Hi Dad! (tea tray clinking) – Oh my, many teas! Ohmigod! (laughs) They’re so cute. All right. – What is this? Mm. Mm! – I never actually worked with the real tea party stuff before. I only have a small one. – I’m drinking invisible tea. Continue Reading

Annoying Orange – Tea’d Off

-[high-pitched voice]: Hey Pear, what if this was my voice? Would you be my friend if this was my permanent voice? Would-ya-would-ya-would-ya-would ya-would-ya-would-ya-would-ya? [laughs] -[sternly]: No. -[British accent]: Pip-pip. What’s going on here? -Huh? -Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tea. I’m visiting your fine country on holiday. -Holiday? Today’s Continue Reading

Tea | American Kids Try Food from Around the World – Ep 15 | Kids Try | Cut

♫ Pizza, it’s a next day ♫ Hot, hot tamales What? Can I open my eyes? It smells super good! Yay, something good! Cinnamon-y stuff. Oh my god, I wanna try it. It’s not good though. (crew laughs) – Warm milk, warm water, hot cocoa, oh yeah. Yeah, that’s probably Continue Reading

Best Friends Spill the Tea (LaurDIY & Mia Sayoko) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– What would it take for us to have sex? – Two mil. – Anyone wanna pay? – [Man] Hi. – Hello. – Hey boy. – [Man] Who are you guys? – Best friends. (they laugh) – I’m LaurDIY. Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Lauren, and welcome back to my Continue Reading