How To Make Comfrey Tea / Organic Fertilser

okay so that’s my plot just over the other side there, just in the background What I wanted to show you is this stuff here If I come in on this one this is comfrey What I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how to make comfrey Continue Reading


What I usually think about when I think about diversity in the soil is actively aerated compost teas, but before we get to that as a bigger topic, I just want to remind people and talk about the idea of facultative anaerobes. Which are basically things that can operate in Continue Reading

What’s In My Shoe? (GAME)

If the shoe fits, you’re not gonna want to wear it when you find out what’s inside it. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (intro music) ♪ Good mythical morning! Mythical beasts, your questions are like little saplings struggling to survive the winter and we’ve got just the manure answers to Continue Reading

This Native Caffeinated Plant Could Replace Coffee and Tea in North America – Yaupon Holly

(Music) Hey everyone, Rob Greenfield here! I’m with Bryon and Kyle White, the Yaupon Brothers. Right her, it might look like we are standing in a forest, which we are, but this is also their farm. (music) Right here is the yaupon holly tree and this is why we are Continue Reading

Compost Tea Recipe to Grow BIG Vegetables Revealed

JOHN KOHLER: Alright, this is John Kohler with Today we have another exciting episode for you and I’m on yet another field trip. No, sorry guys, not in my garden teaching you guys about gardening stuff, but this is going to be an important episode for you guys that Continue Reading

Free Fertilizer – How to Make Comfrey Tea

Hi, I’m Gardener Scott. Comfrey is one of my favorite garden plants. One of the reasons I like it is because it makes an excellent organic liquid fertilizer. Join me as I show you how I make comfrey tea. Comfrey is a really nice plant that you should probably consider Continue Reading

Holy Basil Tulsi Tea – How to Grow & Life Changing Health Benefits

in this quick video you’re going to learn why holy Tulsi basil is known as the elixir of life how has changed my life and I’ll show you products and supplements you can purchase well then take a walk out to my garden I’ll show you how easy it is Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why Compost Tea Doesn’t Work & How it Can Improve Your Garden

All right, this is John Kohler with Today we have another exciting episode for you, and we’ve got Josh from the Boogie Brew company back in the episode today – for a very important episode, actually. This is the top three reasons why compost tea doesn’t work. And I Continue Reading

Compost Tea vs Rock Dust – Which is the Better Organic Fertilizer ?

JOHN KOHLER: Alright! This is John Kohler with Today we have another exciting episode for you and since you guys asked for it, I got another video with my buddy Josh from the Boogie Brew Company, and we’re going to talk about something very important. You guys have been Continue Reading